Healthy Living & Yoga in Hiroshima

Take charge of your life! Transform your body and mind into a possibility in your life! Utilise this opportunity to learn a  practical Approach to Holistic Health.


1.Practice: Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

2.Holistic Health,Natural Farming

3.Better Parenting

4.Stress Relief and Humanity

Speaker : Mr.Srinivasa Alluri  Founder of  Manavata and who has been cycling the world  for Humanity

Contact:  Naveen  +81 080-5639-0693 / Satish: +81-090-1333-6798



Manavata Japan Chapter
Humanity is our Identity

Manavata (Humanity) is a symbol of selfless service, empathy and an attempt to help the needy. Manavata is a registered charity (Charity Number: 1120315). a Not-for-profit with secular nature.

Objectives: To promote healthy and echo-friendly life style
Ideals: Tolarence and Universal acceptance
Motto: Unity & Integrity to work for self-less cause.

Event Details

Healthy Living & Yoga in Hiroshima event is conducting at Kagamiyama Park, Hiroshima University on Sunday, 05 Jul 2015 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

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Where : Kagamiyama Park, Hiroshima University
When : Sunday, 05 Jul 2015
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 447501069241



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