Yogathon 2016 Kakinada 27th Feb

"Towards building Healthy society, Manavata has been organizing Yoga sessions and Yogathon (108 Suryanamakar competitions on regular basis). 

Manavata has been organizing Yoga, healthy living and personality development workshops across the globe and working with thousands of professionals and students as part of it’s mission.

Yogathon (108 Suryanamakar competitions) is one of the key events which helps all age groups to inspire themselves and experience synergy within the event. This event also inspires everyone to increase their confidence, fitness and inspire them towards health and self-lessness".

Date & Time: 6am to 9am 27th Feb 2016

​Venue: Ashram Public School grouds, Pitapuram Road, Kakinada

Register: 9966673283 / 111 or online in this form or email:

Current generation is becoming weak and unhealthy day by day due to ignorance, wrong practices and laziness. It is our responsibility to spread right practices time to time to make everyone Healthy, Happy and Harmonious! 

This event helps and inspires both adults and children get holistic health.

How you can help?

  • Yourself: Participate yourself in the event, be an example
  • Your children: pls bring your children to inspire them
  • Your children school:  ask your children to take a few prints of attached flier for their school /colleges, notice boards
  • Your company and colleagues: Invite your colleagues and ask your HR to inform all employees in your company

 Instructions for Participants:

·       Bring your Yoga mat or blanket and water bottle

·       Come with empty stomach

·       Practice well before hand (gradually increase your count of suryanamaskaras over period of time with your regular practice)

·       During the event, if you are tired, relax yourself in savasana and skip few rounds

·       Check attached sequence of Suryanamaskar, 12 steps version, which we follow

·       If you have any queries call on our helpline 9966673111

·       Make sure you reach before 6am to venue and register yourself

·       Participate initial warm up and relaxation (amruthasana) at the end

About Trainer:

Mr. Srinivasa Alluri, founder of Manavata, True Yoga Practitioner, Limca book record holder for his 11350KM cycle ride from London to Delhi ( and 9000KM cycling around India and currently in Hyderabad and voluntarily conducting healthy and yoga camps. Around 27000KM of cycling for humanity in 18 countries has inspired millions of people. We believe that your children also can great inspiration with this event. He is true practitioner ofYoga for past 25 years and taught Yoga and healthy living to thousands of people across the globe.

About Surya Namaskar: (The Sun Salutation) are very effective when you practice with concentration and very effective warm-up and recharge for the body.

It is a graceful sequence of twelve positions performed as one continuous exercise. Each position counteracts the one before, stretching the body in a different way and alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing. Practiced daily it will bring great flexibility to your spine and joints and trim your waist. It limbers up the whole body in preparation for the Asanas.


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Event Details

Yogathon 2016 Kakinada 27th Feb event is conducting at Ashram Public School grouds, Pitapuram Road, Kakinada on Saturday, 27 Feb 2016 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

Venue Details

Where : Ashram Public School grouds, Pitapuram Road, Kakinada
When : Saturday, 27 Feb 2016
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 918857232159



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manikanta Gangiredla Participant I eagerly waiting fir good opportunity
SrinivasaChowdary Alluri Volunteer Thank you



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Sponsorship Opportunity

As Manavata programs run purely on voluntary contributions and there is no support from any government and non-government funding, we greatly appreciate any corporate who would like to sponsor this event as part of their CSR, which helps greatly for healthy society.There are good options for sponsorship and sponsor privileges. like arranging food, transport, medals and other things which can be sponsored.
Please contact us before Saturday, 27 Feb 2016 on if your organization would like to sponsor.

Our Sponsors Big thanks to our Sponsors and Volunteers