Volunteer Leadership Training Camps in UK

Trainer: Srinivasa Alluri, Founder of Manavata

Time: 6-8 AM and 6-8 PM 3 days camp in each locations as below.


- Basingstoke (1st April till 3rd April), Healthy Living workshop and MAHE sessions on 10th Apr

- Reading (3rd Apr to 7th Apr)

- Bristol (23rd Apr to 25th Apr)

- Milton Keynes (16th Apr to 18th Apr)

- Telford

- Leicester (Manavata UK family event: 29th Apr to 1st May)

Agenda and purpose:

  • Volunteers are great asset for humanity.
  • Volunteers can add much more value to this world if they can make themselves more strong with better health, better skills and better leadership.
  • We are all like a humanitarian army to make this world a better place to live!
  • Voluntary work will add great value if we can have better co-ordination and leadership skills to work in collaboration.
  • You may a great vision for self-less cause, but your health, your family and your efficiency needs to support to realize your dreams.

So Manavata has planned 3 days VLTP program as follows

  •        Yoga practice and teaching techniques to kids
  •        3H mission: practical approach
  •        Health for everyone
  •        Root cause analysis for health issues
  •        Healthy food
  •        Ideal daily schedule
  •        How to identify 'Virudhahara'
  •        MAHE Value Based Education
  •        Leading the change
  •        Efficient Leadership for good cause!
  •        Work, life balance and spending time for self-less service
  •        Why you feel so busy! Efficient use of time


Manavata UK Chapter
Humanity is Our Identity

Manavata (Humanity) is a symbol of selfless service, empathy and an attempt to help the needy. Manavata is a registered charity (Charity Number: 1120315). a Not-for-profit with secular nature. working with the mission of creating Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H) world


  • To promote healthy and echo-friendly life style
  • To provide practical value education for children to make them healthy & responsible 
  • To work for humanitarian causes such as help poor, needy children, disabled, distressed, diseased & old

Ideals: Tolerance and Universal acceptance
Motto: Unity & Integrity to work for self-less cause.

Membership: sign up online

Volunteer: We welcome you to join any of the voluntary activities based on your area of interest. so that we can get in touch with you to get involved.

Event Details

Volunteer Leadership Training Camps in UK event is conducting at Across UK on Friday, 01 Apr 2016 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to manavata@gmail.com.

Venue Details

Where : Across UK
When : Friday, 01 Apr 2016 to Sunday, 29 May 2016
More Details : www.manavata.org
Email : uktrustee@manavata.org
Phone : 447501069241



Captcha image
Name Role Comments
Sambasivarao Somaraju Volunteer Liked the Manavatha objectives and love to be a volunteer.
AnandKumar Rayabharapu Participant I would love to attend for a 3 days event if any places available.
Devayani Kaur Volunteer This post is truly inspiring. I like your post and everything you share with us is current and very informative, I want to bookmark the page so I can return here from you that you have done a fantastic job.
Kalyan Petluru Volunteer 2 adults from Basingstoke
Sivasankari Volunteer 2 adults from Basingstoke
Manoj Kumar Velayudhan Participant 1 adult from Basingstoke
Noorie Khatkar Participant 1 adult from Basingstoke
Venkatesh S Volunteer 1 adult from Basingstoke
Mani Gudibanda Volunteer 2 adults from Basingstoke
Sridhar Rapally Volunteer 1 adult from Basingstoke
Amar Kalakoti Volunteer interested in spiritual activities.
Nitin Afre Volunteer 1 adult from Basingstoke
Krishna R Volunteer 1 adult from Basingstoke



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