Initial Kick Off Meeting - Mumbai

Meeting to introduce Manavata Founder to the members of Mumbai team and get acquainted with each other..


Manavata Mumbai
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This Organization Is Dedicated For The Humanitarian Cause In The City Of Mumbai. Every Person Who Think He Has Something To Offer To Mankind Or To Nature Is Welcome To Join This Organization

Event Details

Initial Kick Off Meeting - Mumbai event is conducting at Please Enter Venue on Sunday, 08 Jul 2007 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

Venue Details

Where : Please Enter Venue
When : Sunday, 08 Jul 2007
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 9920239942



Captcha image
Name Role Comments
Naveen Kenche (NULL) I am looking forward to be part of the event. Let us make it wonderful and useful event to everyone.
Madhu Prasad (NULL)
Srinivasa Chowdary Alluri (NULL) Thanks
Bindu Madhav Karyamapudi (NULL)
Maheshkumar Patharlapalli (NULL)
Ramakrishna Kotha (NULL) 4 adults and 2 children - one 14 years and other 11
Adishwar Singh (NULL) 4 adults and 2 children 9 years and 6 years
Sriram M (NULL)
Harini M (NULL)
Chaitanya (NULL)
Sireesha (NULL)
Ranjani (NULL)
Venkat (NULL)
Atul Jain (NULL) Its my pleasure to be a part of the event held for a Good cause.
Sukesh Singh (NULL) With wife and 8 mth old kid
Shree Lakshmi (NULL)
Jyothirmayee (NULL)
Nirupama Singh (NULL)
Vibha Ramesh (NULL)
prasanna (NULL) Inviting few of my friends.
Anand Rengasamy (NULL) 2 kids 1-5 years and 2-1 year
Suja (NULL)
amogh narayan (NULL) Single
Balaji Prasad.P.N. (NULL)
Siddhesh Dhume (NULL)
Goutham Rao (NULL)
Yamini Kocharlakota (NULL)
Viswanath Kocharlakota (NULL)
Suresh Paluri (NULL)
Gayatri Paluri (NULL)
Bhavani Tandur (NULL)
Karimulla Shaik (NULL)
Anandhi Pandurangan (NULL) Two adults and child
Prasad Pachala (NULL) 2 Adults and 1 child
Ravindra (NULL)
Ravindra Kumar Killamsetty (NULL)
kirubashankar (NULL)
Srivatsan (NULL)
thanigaivel Ganesan (NULL)
srinivasan (NULL)
Alagesh Kumar (NULL)
Subrata Das (NULL) Coming alone but will pay for wife also.
Anantha Selvam (NULL)
Shekhar Kulkarni (NULL)
Premsagar Majjiga (NULL)
Kavitha Vangala (NULL)
Ramesh Vemula (NULL) I will attend this event.
Vikrant (NULL)
Suresh Thotakura (NULL)
Suresh Thotakura (NULL)
Ram Prakash (NULL) attending with wife
Ramamohan Yeggoni (NULL) attending with wife & kid
Varalakshmi Y (NULL)
Naveeni HK (NULL)
Ramprasath Manian (NULL)
Sarathi Mukunthan (NULL)



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