Vedic Maths in Basingstoke

Dear all, 

We all know the importance of Mathematics especially for kids in their academic growth and we could introduce 'Vedic Mathematics' in Basingstoke during MAHE sessions for those with a stronger interest in mathematics or who feel "Maths-phobia".

When: From 25th September 2016, every Sunday

Time: 10 – 10:40 AM

For whom: From age 7 (Year 3+)

Cost: £5 per month to cover the hall and material expenses as these classes are run by Manavata Volunteers

Please register before 20th September with the below details:

  • Full name:
  • Age:
  • Year group (E.g. yr 3/4/5 etc):

Some brief about the Vedic Maths:

What is Vedic Mathematics?

A Hindu scholar and Mathematician Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja presented a list of 16

basic Sutras/sub-sutras and Principles. These principles are general in nature and can be

combined in different ways to solve actual Math problems.

Vedic mathematics is clever mathematics designed to give you an edge over conventional

methods, unique way of mental calculation. It provides some simple methods to do complex

mathematical calculations in a very short time.

For example you can multiply 997 and 996 in less than 10 seconds using Vedic Math techniques.

Why is it important?

  • Better & Much Improved Academic Performance in school, higher marks & Instant Results
  • Cultivate an interest for numbers and eliminates the math-phobia present in the students
  • Develop Left and Right Sides of your brain by increasing visualization and concentration abilities 
  • Sharpen your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence 
  • Improve memory and boosts self confidence 
  • High Speed Vedic Mathematics is 10-15 times faster than normal Maths 
  • Increasing problem solving speed and accuracy 
  • It helps students in minimizing careless mistakes
  • Math Calculations without Pens and Paper

Thank you,

Manavata Basingstoke


Manavata Basingstoke
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Manavata Basingstoke chapter is initiated to bring together like minded, humanitarian people to take up regional activitis of Manavata. Manavata is a symbol of selfless service, empathy and an Attempt To Help The Needy. Manavata Is A Non Profitable, Non Religious Voluntary Organization. Manavata Is A Registered Chartiy In UK (Charity Number: 1120315)

Event Details

Vedic Maths in Basingstoke event is conducting at Basingstoke on Sunday, 25 Sep 2016 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

Venue Details

Where : Basingstoke
When : Sunday, 25 Sep 2016 to Sunday, 18 Dec 2016
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 07501069241



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Name Role Comments
Krishna Kauushik Mynampati Participant Age 8, Year 4
Stuti Sunil Sarda Participant Age 8, Year 4
Aarushi Amol Attarde Participant Age - 7.5 years, Year 3
Anvitha S Participant Year 4
Ashritha Mynampati Participant Year 2
Vasav Majety Participant Age - 10 years, Year 5
Juliet annesley placeholder My daughter is 13 years and is level 3 maths. I would like to discuss attending the maths course and if you start again in January. Many thanks
Haswitha D Participant Age 7, Year 3
Pranay Talasila Participant Age 8, Year 4
Rehanth Kumar Participant Age 9, Year 5
Anshika Kanani Participant Please register my daughter Anshika for Vedic Maths in Basingstoke. Age: 8 Year: 4 Many Thanks, Nehal.
Riddhi Afre Participant Year 4
Apoorva Afre Participant Year 6
Jatin C placeholder Year 2
Shona Participant Age 7
Veer Bhavsar Participant Veer intrested in Vedic mathematics .He is 6 years old
Vijay Bhasin Participant My son is 6.5. Hope he can join
Bhaswati Murali Participant Age:7
Tia mehta Participant Age 8, Year 4 Father contact: Ashu Mehta
Arin Mehta Participant Age 6, Year 2
Aneesh Kulkarni Participant Vedic maths. Age 10. Year 6
Sarayu Kotha Participant Year 6 - Age 11
Meenakshi Rapally Participant Age : 8 years, year 4.
Kaushal Ahtty Participant 8 years, Year 4
Dylan Bhuller Participant Age 6 years, Year 2
Aneesh Kulkarni Participant Age 10, Year 6
Mahika Pachauri Participant Year 4
Eshal zafar Participant Age 7
Mayur Jogia Participant Registering for my daughter
Saanvee Gudibanda Participant I would like to register my daughter name for vedic maths . She is in year 4 now.Age 8, year4



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