Manavata Blood Donation Camp

Manavata Blood Donation Camp on 21st October 2016 on behalf of MANAVATA DAY.

Time: 9:00 am onwards.

Contact: +91-9966673111.

Venue:  Manavata Plot no: 62, Sri Tower, KPHB 7th Phase, JNTU Hitech city road, Near Hi-tech city MMTS, beside Ankura Hospital, Hyderabad-72.

Blood Donation?

The need for blood is constant. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. Your blood helps more than one life at a time. Accident victims, premature babies, patients undergoing major surgeries require whole blood, where your blood after testing is used directly. Patients suffering from trauma, anemia, and other surgeries require only red blood cells, which is separated from your blood Similarly blood platelets are used for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or for those undergoing treatment for dengue fever etc. Fresh frozen plasma is used for patients having massive transfusions, plasma is used for burns and cryoprecipitate is used for hemophilia.

Your blood donation may be even more special than you realize
A single donation from you can help one or more patients. This is possible because whole blood is made up of several useful components. These components perform special functions in your body and in the body of patients who receive your blood. The various blood components are Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Plasma and selected Plasma Proteins. Each of these components can be separated from your donated volume of blood and transfused into a specific patient requiring that particular component. Thus, many can benefit from one unit of blood.• Blood is needed every minute
• To replace blood lost because of accidents or diseases.
• To treat shock due to injury.
• For Major & Minor surgeries including open heart surgeries, transplants etc.
• For burn victims.
• For patients suffering from Anemia.
• During child birth for the mother.
• For exchange transfusion for new born infants.
• To make blood derivatives which are used to treat medical problems.
• For children suffering from ailments like Thalassaemia, Hemophilia (bleeding disorders), Leukemia, Blood Cancer.

Who can donate blood?
Anyone above 18 years weighing more than 50 kgs (110 lbs) can donate blood.


Manavata Hyderabad Chapter
Service to Man is Service to God

Manavata (Humanity) Is A Symbol Of Selfless Service, Empathy And An Attempt To Help The Needy. Manavata Is A Non Profitable, Non Religious Voluntary Organization Working For The Development Of The Society. It Is A Common Platform For Many Volunteers And Social Service Organizations.

Event Details

Manavata Blood Donation Camp event is conducting at Venue: Manavata Plot no: 62, Sri Tower, KPHB 7th Phase, JNTU Hitech city road, on Friday, 21 Oct 2016 . Please find the detailswhich mentioned below for any clarification please contact the following contact number or drop a mail to

Venue Details

Where : Venue: Manavata Plot no: 62, Sri Tower, KPHB 7th Phase, JNTU Hitech city road,
When : Friday, 21 Oct 2016
More Details :
Email :
Phone : 9966673111



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