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Organization : Manavata Hyderabad Chapter
Project Name : Sustainable Rural Development Program (SRDP)
Project Type : Help Needy
Project Description :

Sustainable Rural Development Program (SRDP) is a proven methodology to transform and empower villages.

To Empower villagers & help them to take care of themselves with right knowledge and to achive self-sustainability.


  • All Villagers are completely healthy where no or minimum medical support required
  • All Villagers are well educated with human values which shows harmony in entire village
  • All Villagers grow their own food and produce required milk and other foods, this will ensure every one is wealthy (no hunger and no unemployment problem)
  • All villagers work to protect their land from dangerous chemicals
  • All villagers help their children to get right education within the village.


  • To promote sustainable Education,  Health and Environment
  • To build local leadership and governance
  • To make use of appropriate techniques for sustainable agriculture.
  • To create self sustainability and economical equilibrium
  • To help people to make their livelihood
  • To serve people who are poor and needy

500 Villages Adoption Program:

Manavata s plan is to adopt 500 villages in next 3 years time and implement SRDP effectively.

  1. Get Nominations for villages from responsible people (using below form).
  2. Screening applications.
  3. Evaluate leadership and conditions of village to shortlist.

To more about SRDP:

View SRDP presentation in UN, Geneva Or watch Video

View SRDP oral statement given at UN, Geneva

Click Here to Download SRDP presentation


Location : Global
Current Status : On Going
Start Date : 19-Oct-2004
End Date (Planed) :01-Jan-2014
Actuval Completion Date :30-Nov--0001
Funds Allocated : 0.00
Funds Utilized : 0.00

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