Ashram & ChildCare

Manavata Ashram projects are as follows:

In Andhra Pradesh – INDIA:

Orphanage : Lolla, East Godavari District : This orphange started in 2005.

Orphanage, Hyderabad : This is started in 2009 and then it is merged with ashram in Lolla and we are also supporting poor children for their education in Vivekananda school in Bharatnagar; In 2011, another 20 orphan and semi orphan children identified and residence facilities are going restart from June 2011.

Orphanage, Kalluru, Khammam Dt. : This is new one starting up in this year (2011) to support around 30 to 40 children. Volunteers did a great job in identifying needy children in this region.

Apart from organizing above homes, we also support following homes which are run by other charities:

Blind School, Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari Dt. : We are supporting this blind school which is serving around 45 blind & mentally retorted children. We are able to help in providing food for them. Our volunteers are regularly visiting and working along with the Organizers of this school Mr. Alexander and team.

Disabled (Dumb and Deaf) home, Srikakulam : We are supporting this home which is helping around 45 dumb and deaf children to provide special education / training, books & cloths for them. With our special teacher, organiser of the home Mrs. Sreedevi & team is able to educate these disabled children and it made good improvement in the children in past 3 years.

St. Joseph Orphanage, Guntur : Books and cloths are being supplied for the children in this home. Mr. Prabhakar Manti who is organising this, also volunteer for Manavata and work closely with other Manavata volunteers.

Prashanti Old age Home, Pasalapudi : We are supporting some of the food needs for this home since 2009.

Every home also supports and work on our voluntary programs and involve children in social service activities in their respective locations.

Manavata Ashram HQ Objectives:

To facilitate and act as centre for Sustainable Development.

To Create Self-sustainability.

To Bridge the knowledge gap and facilitate synergies.

To Promote best practices for 3H and to build leadership.

To Help poor and Needy.

To promote human values and humanity.

Manavata Ashram HQ Regular Activities:

Value Based Education, PDP and Leadership Development: Regular Courses for different age groups

Volunteers Trainings: Regular in house trainings for Teachers, Yoga, Homeopathy / health workers.

Dispensary: Regular treatment / OP

Employability / Self employment trainings: technical and non-technical (engage small scale industry)

Planed Activities in each sector:

Health: malnutrition awareness, health centres, yoga trainings, homeopathy camps, 108 suryanamaskar challenge, unpolished rice packets distribution / campaign, cyber clinics, medical camps.

Education: Study centre, PDP & yoga in schools, MYLIP, School regular volunteering, local library utilisation.

Environment: plantation drive, books exchange program.

Employment: bags project, paper bags, soaps, tooth powder making, sewing training, charity shop.



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