Blood Donation Camp & 3 PDP Sessions @ Sree Venkateswara Commerce College

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Chief Guest Speaker:  Mr. Srinivasa Alluri , Founder President, Viswa Manavata Samastha, Hyderabad

Guest speaker: Mr. Leo Whyte Whyte, Manavata Volunteer, Motivational speaker

Introduction by Mr. Sudhakar reddy, Director, Sree Venkateswara Commerce College

Three Sessions were conducted in Dilsukhnagar and Karmanghat branches of this college.

Youth has inspired and around 35 students and some staff members donated blood in today’s camp.
IPM doctors and staff participated in this camp.

Main theme of the Personality Development sessions today is Inspiration towards humanity by
understanding human life and value of life.

Leo has emphasized on communication skills and importance of listening and given key tips for
students to improve their communication skills.

Srini has explained students the current situation of the world, how selfishness of a human is
destroying both health and environment. he suggested youth to not to get into trap of corporate and
social media. He has requested everyone to take action immediately to protect mother nature and to
build leadership within everyone.

He quoted that “If you can lead yourself, you can lead the world!”

Srini has focussed on holistic approach and leading 3H life with proper self-discipline, self-reliance, self-control and self-confidence. Key thing to focus on is continuous improvement by adding value and by giving and by volunteering.

Key challenges faced by students and today’s youth, how to get both physical and mental
development, one of the student’s asked this question.

Srini emphasised on importance of practice of Yoga for holistic development and regular meditation in early morning. By correcting Ahara, Vichara, Achara and Vihara (right Food, right Thought, right
Attitude/action and right entertainment)

Another student asked about Healthy tips and how to improve concentration. Srini said, simple
approach for health is to have healthy food, exercise and healthy routine. Simple principle for healthy
food is “Eat to live but not live to Eat”, “No factory food” and eat fresh, nutritious, temple, timely,
hygienic, vegetarian, satvic food”.

Getting up early 1.5 hours before sunrise, drinking 1.5 litters water, cleaning up, fresh up, warm up and then do meditation to improve memory and concentration. Srini also asked every student to commit 1hour time everyday for the sadhana and 1 hour for the seva (self-less service). He said, Manavata is happy to provide support if some starting up a social enterprise or service organisation within their village for sustainable development.

Everyone has taken oath to start doing something good every day, helping someone every day.

Mr. Sudhakar reddy, college correspondent introduced Srini with a best seller book “The Monk who sold his Farriery”. The book is about a story, “but Srini is a real example for such story and inspired with millions of people with his service and sacrifice”. He said. He said, it is hard to imagine such sacrifice for humanity by leaving comfortable life, position and money.. and also dedicatedly working hard for the great cause of humanity!
College director Mr. Sudhakar has shared his happiness and inpiration for Srini’s visit and expressed gratitude for inspiring their students. Later Students, Lecturers and management felicitated Srini for this inpiration and dedication for humanity.

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