Manavata has been organizing voluntary blood donation service to save lives with in time blood donations. around 10000 voluntary blood donors in different areas like Hyderabad, East Godavari, Vizag, Vijayawada, Bengaluru etc.

Helpline Number: +919966673111

Blood donation Helpline 91-9966673111 with this service many critical patients reach us. more than 2000 units of blood donated annually to help critical patients, which is helping to save lives.. by timely coordinating of voluntary blood donors.

So far over 15000 units of blood donated by Manavata voluntary blood donors. Kudos to all our volunteers and blood donation coordination team.

Blood donation camps: we regularly organize blood donation camps to support on going need of the blood for those who are suffering with thalassemia and other diseases. Over 1200 blood donation camps conducted by Manavata so far.

Manavata Hyderabad blood donation program started on 19th Oct 2000 along with Manavata blood donation website. we are the one of the very first online blood donation program in India.