About us

Manavata’s blood donation drives are complemented by a comprehensive database of around 3000 blood donors on the Manavata website, listed area wise. The website enables posting for blood requirement and searching for donors and the Manavata Blood Donation helpline in India (Hyderabad) has benefited more than 10,000 patients so far in far off places across the world.

Post blood requirements:-

  • To replace blood lost because of accidents or diseases.
  • To treat shock due to injury.
  • For Major & Minor surgeries including open heart surgeries, transplants etc.
  • For burn victims.
  • For patients suffering from Anemia.
  • During child birth for the mother.
  • For exchange transfusion for new born infants.
  • To make blood derivatives which are used to treat medical problems.
  • For children suffering from ailments like Thalassaemia, Hemophilia (bleeding disorders), Leukemia, Blood Cancer.

Who can donate blood?
Anyone above 18 years weighing more than 50 kgs (110 lbs) can donate blood.