Celebrating Karthika Pournami:

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“Embracing the spirit of Gou Seva and invoking divine blessings, we joyously celebrated Karthika Pournami at the sacred Manavata Goushala in Natavalli. Swami Saranam! 🙏

In the hallowed surroundings of the Goushala, we united in reverence to protect Goumatha and Bhoomatha. Through heartfelt prayers and the performance of Puja rituals, we expressed our deep gratitude for the sacred bond between humanity, the divine, and the gentle beings that grace our lives.

Let our collective efforts be a beacon of compassion, guiding us to safeguard and honor the sacred gifts of Goumatha and Bhoomatha. May our commitment to Gou Seva resonate with the harmonious rhythms of the universe.

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