Cycling for Humanity (London to Brighton) 6th July

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Please to invite you all for Manavata Cycling Event – London/Slouh/Reading/Basingstoke/Guildford to Brighton – 06 July 2019

Join hands for better world! let us save our children and mother Earth. Inspire all all around to live healthy and eco-friendly. Let us inspire all to stop pollution, avoid plastics & toxic chemicals, to avoid factory foods, make every house zero waste home!

Sign up today & get ready for challenge: More details can be seen in this link: 

Srini will be joining events to share his inspiration and experiences to all (As you know Srini cycled from London to Delhi and also cycling over 29000 across India and different parts of the world for a great cause and to inspire all towards humanity!)

Many inspirational volunteers who are working for cause Kalyan, Praveen, Babji, Hemanth, Vamsi, Venkat, Charan & many more joining. 10+ years kids also joining the challenge.. let us encourage all. 

Utilise this opportunity & join this to  share synergies for the cause and inspire yourself for great leadership!

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