Free homeo medical camp at Srinam Datta Nadha Kshetra Dondapadu Eluru

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Experience healing at the Free Homeo Medical Camp by Universal Humanitarian Organization, located at Srinam Datta Nadha Kshetra Dondapadu Eluru. Mark your calendars for the first Sunday of every month. In our recent camp, 76 patients were attended to, including 53 follow-up cases and 23 new cases, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive care. Under the expertise of Dr. N. Rama Rao (9:30 AM to 5:20 PM), along with the assistance of Posi Prasanna and volunteer S. Prasad garu, the event unfolded seamlessly. Your well-being is our priority.

Homeo camp at lolla

25.02.2024..Lolla Manavata Homoeopathy Health center time 9 4

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