Manavata day events in Bangalore:

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Manavata day events in Bangalore:

6th Nov 2022:

6am Yoga session to kids and adults conducted in Hebbal by Srini ji & organized by Hari garu & team.

8am Cycling event from Hebbal to I-AIMs in Yalahanka.. Kids have participated actively in this 30 km cycling event.. inspired by Manavata 3H mission.. to live healthy and to save earth. Bangalore volunteers under leadership of Hari garu organized this event well.

10am Ayurveda / Panchakarma awareness and I-AIMS visit / over view explained by Mr. Bhasawaraj ji. Dr. Girishi ji and I-AIMS team helped to host the Manavata healthy living workshop in their campus.

Manavata volunteers, students also participated in this workshop. Srini ji initiated session with guided group meditation and then presented Yoga & holistic health core concepts.. & how to make the success in life by leading pills healthy life..

He has emphasized on 4 parts of health & 4 Yoga paths as guidelines given by Bhagavat Gita / Ayurveda & Yogic Health science. He explained scientific way of understanding body, mind and this creation.

asked everyone to follow proper Dinacharya, Rutucharya laid by our vedic science confirmed by modern science.

He explained about dangerous nature of factory foods like sugar and other processed foods.. how the toxins are making people to get addicted to those foods.. He has initiated a campaign to “avoid factory foods & eat only Natural farm foods”

Volunteers Meeting:

Manavata Bangalore chapter president Hari garu organized volunteers meeting at his home. Ashok ji, Sudha ji, Srivatsa ji, Giri ji, Kapil ji came forward to initiate MAHE study centers in their respective locations in Bangalore.. weekly MAHE sessions will be organized by initiating 31st Manavata day children events.

Srini ji presented certificates, Organic desi brown rice & 3H tshirts to volunteers and kids.

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