Hiroshima to Nagasaki Path Chosen for Cycling for Humanity

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Why Hiroshima to Nagasaki path chosen for Cycling for Humanity awareness?

As you know, first time in the world’s history, it was a massive destruction with a human blunder of usingatom bomb, which has caused huge damage human kind and nature, This was unethical and violation of human rights. When I see experiences of people during time of bombing, like skin peeling off, immediate deaths and other dangerous radiation impacts on many people and other living beings.

Now this violation gone beyond and many people causing huge damage with usage of toxic chemicals in their day to day lives. This is much bigger problem than the atom bomb like a slow poison, but people are not realizing this fact.

Usage of toxic chemicals in day to day life.. food became unsafe, gone too extreme that everything is factory made..  very little option to get farm food or natural food. Every food is produced using lot of toxic chemicals. House is full of energy consuming, each house producing so much of food wastage, carbon, water wastage, non-bio degradable materials like plastics, electronic wastes, life became very complex, people became very sensitive, they can’t live with natural fresh air. This is totally unsustainable. People are killed with this slow poison suffering has increased so much, consumption of cosmetics, too many clothing etc, all these Toxic chemicals are killing several creatures and insects including plants.

Governments are not focussed on promoting simple living and overall wellbeing-ness of the people. Not taking enough initiatives for educating people to be more responsible with both health and environment. They just simply focussed on increasing GDP in-terms of money, there ae several toxic foods in the market available which are not good for people including drugs / alcohol etc, are freely available.. increasingmaterial competition and misusing so many natural resources and technology. Investing so much on military on the name of security. World is going into more crisis day by day, which leaders unable experience because of their lavish life styles and taking decisions from their AC rooms without first-hand experience.

To bring big danger to everyone’s notice, I choose this path to cycle, so that people can understand. Let us hope people can understand this and change their life styles towards sustainable / eco-friendly way and care for future as responsible human beings.


Success of Japan: (Hardwork, high quality, natural resources, openness, punctuality, quality customer care)

Quality: No compromise in every aspect of a product or service.. it is high priority for them.

Customer service: is very good: they treat customer is God. Every service convenient store to customer care to mechanic, every place they treat customer with lot of respect and provide very quick and quality service

Hard work: sometimes they work 18 hours day, they don’t count number of ours but they are so focussed on out come and delivery

Punctuality: always in time.. no compromise and they commit to their words

Focus: they focus on work without any distractions.. they don’t take out side calls when they are in work.

Calm going: they don’t expect anything from others, calmly they focus on their work only. Unless you ask they don’t interrupt you.

Openness: they share their knowledge happily if someone ask for it.

Healthy habits: sitting on the floor, eating early breakfast and early dinner, eating more of fresh food rather than stored food (even fresh bread is prepared at home), walking / cycling to school, many people use cycles for day to day work.

Eco-friendly houses: many houses are built with eco-friendly material like clay brick roof, wooden partitions, reusing toilet water, energy saving, low carbon transport etc. many vehicles there, but less pollution as fuel efficient vehicles.

Plenty of Natural resources: as whole Japan is full of water, revers and rains everywhere it is green.. good sunlight and oxygen. Most people are health conscious too, spiritual connect and yoga practice is also good here.

Good family culture: they live together and eat together, give high value to family relations.

Other side: these days due to imbalance in many people’s lives, many families and people became nuclear.. not much of human relations.. just work like machines and these days many people getting into alcohol / drug addictions also.

Food Change: Due to work pressures and longer hours work, now food culture also changing towards factory / processed foods. Agriculture wise, 99% is chemical farming, so you rarely get organic food in the market. Very few farmers are practicing organic farming and not much growth in this.

Helping nature: if you ask, they come extra mile to help.. otherwise they don’t bother to enter into your path..

Eg: when I asked for a route and place for rest in Fukuoka during my cycling at around 9pm, a nice gentle man who has tried to give me some information and then we both left, he drove his car, and I continued moving with my cycle towards Hakata, he helped by taking his time and waiting for me on the road for an hour for me to give me food and show me the place to sleep in Fukuoka (after 5 km he stopped me and giving me hot food fish and drink), but I just had to thank him and say sorry to him as I can’t take non-veg food, he is understood and showed me direction to reach a place to rest.

Recycling: very less recycle happens here which are limited to bottles and cans.. rest all burned using advanced methods without producing much of carbon or land fill. But still burning such high range electrical products etc, is surely a big impact on environment. As quality of products are very durability is high, so people use products longer period, which is good, helping to some extent unlike china.​

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