Hudhud Cyclone relief in AP: Manavata team

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27th Oct:

Team is doing their study to understand the gaps in next phase relief for recovery. there are some of the rebuilding activities needs to be taken up for health and environment apart from reconstruction work, which is already taken up by government. Manavata vizag team will update on this very soon for next phase activies in long term sustainable development perspective. Big thanks to all those volunteers and kind hearted contributors who have given timely support. Manavata UK team has raised around 4 lacs and TAB UK has given 1 lac. So far we have spent around 1 lac rupees for emergency relief (food, water and medicines) and rest will be used for next phase of work, which is estimated around 10 lacs.

16th Oct:


All team continuoud their work reluntlessly to serve water, food and medical aid in different areas. Totally supplied water for 500 families, food to more than 2500 people, medical aid to 400+ patients including 60 orphan children. Main thing is planning and active team work has helped us to success in reaching right needy people at right time. Now things are becoming normal. transportation and all eminities are opened up. electricity is yet to come, but it is fine in most of the areas to continue their regular activities. Emergency aid may not be required now.  Now team has stopped their emergency relief activities. however, the losses for farmers and trees is huge which can’t be easily recovered. we may have to look and see what best can be done for this loss at later point in time

Today’s serving hotfood to people near hills who have no access to hotfood for past 3 days. Morning team has prepared food for 1000 people at base camp and took that to pre-survayed area where there is a food need for 800 people. Everyone felt so happy with this and they had food with highest satifiction and volunteers served food so much dedication and love. Once again thanks to whole team and all contributors and well wishers for this relief activity. People expressed their gratitude and happiness and said, it is truly and timely service for this emergency relief for hudhud cyclone. 

15th Oct:

Quick update from Manavata Cyclone relief team from Vizag
All the relief operations have been started at our capacity with existing 35 volunteers there.

Water: given to 250 families with the help of our generator (where people are waiting for water for past 3 days)

Food: around 1000 packs of food distributed and 2000 food packets are getting ready for this evening.

Medical: So far 3 medical camps completed (Now Pradeep’s father also will be joining medical team soon)

All the volunteers are working with lot of energies continuously since last night. 15 women volunteers joined here since morning for preparation of food. Kodos to everyone who are helping in this.

Base camp is setup at: 

Balajee Residency, near Chinnagadili MRO office, Near Zoo Park, Vazag

If anyone would like to join can go directly to this base camp as still no mobile signals there.. but you can try to reach Subbaraju on 9908812443 or Srinivasreddy on 9347039767 or Murali on 9553611105

14th Oct:

It is huge damage with this cyclone near Vizag. Thought government and many humanitarian organisations are trying to provide emergency aid for immediate needs, it can’t scale up especially to supply water. due to power cut they couln’t get enough water in both cities and villages. 

Manavata team is on the ground and making necessary arrangements for atleat in some of the areas on immediate basis.

A team of 10 local volunteers gathered near Zoo park region in Vizag and planning to setup base camp in this area and do the needful in surrounding areas in next couple of days. some of the volunteers are going on 2 Whealers to survey near by areas to find emergency needs. Another 10 volunteers who will be reaching from Ashram with all the necessary material. tomorrow total 20 volunteers they will distribute work for different areas as 1. water team, 2. food team, 3. medical team. Ashram  taking water, food, cooking material, medicines, doctors, Generator, emergency relief materiel.

1. First priority is water: so team is taking generator and enough fuel to pump ground water locally and supply (to overcome powercut issue, using generator).. this will help several families.. (this high priority need for now)

2. Food team, they will setup camp locally to cook and serve fresh food wherever there is need. (but mostly food is ok in many areas)

3. Medical: due to power cut some of the hospital services etc stopped, so our medical team is going to cover those patients who are needs immediate attention. 

Thanks to all volunteers who are taking ground level actions, Srinivasareddy, Murali and team from Vizag and Subbaraju, Sai, Ramesh, Prasad, Tatarao, Padmanabham, Saikrishna, Nukaraju and team from Manavata Ashram, Lolla who are taking all emergency material.



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