Hyderabad Chapter Meeting @ Sri Tower

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Manavata Hyderabad chapter Members meeting held on 8th April 2017 from 4pm to 8pm. It was a very productive meeting. We were able to discuss about healthy living, Yoga, Spirituality, MAHE, Value system, volunteering with spiritual way and “How to live honestly?”.

Sri Srinivasa Alluri explained the current projects of Manavata like YIC (Yoga Instructor Course), MAHE, Orphanage, Natural Farming, Gosala, and “Help Needy” to the members. He also explained about Karma Yoga and discussed on current burning topics like “how the children and youth ruining their career due to lack of proper guidance”. He added that they need proper guidence, direction and inspiration rather than insformation. Regular MAHE training and practice to make themselves healthy – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually is a key priority for all parents and Manavata volunteers.

Srini has explained how to live simple, responsible, honest and healthy in day to day life. He said, it is our responsibility to spread right practices time to time to make everyone Healthy, Happy and Harmonious. DSC04414.JPGSrinivas Alluri enlightened the members about the necessity of yoga for our healthy and happy life by telling that Yoga is a discipline that gives positive strength to our mind, body and soul. He has explained about humanity and asked everyone to practice self-lessness by helping others every day.DSC04409.JPGMr. Ramraju garu who is in the path of spiritulity and utilize his life for spreading happiness through right practices and right thinking. He addressed team and explained how happiness can be achieved and importance of sadhana to achieve true happiness and liberation. He quoted number of great messages from Ramana Maharshi and Bhagavad Gita. he engaged team to have an interactive session. everyone appreciated his thoughts. Srini has requested the members who were presented in the meeting to come forward for volunteering and join the hands together for this noble cause and work together! advised all to give more time for the self-less cause and work effeciently with proper plan.DSC04424.JPGSri Rajagopal (expert in Vedic maths and spreading great knowledge for noble cause) has explained the importance of Vedic maths in our life. He also explained the techniques of maths and simple mathematics tips. DSC04430.JPGThe Last 30 minutes was spent on doing peaceful meditation .Srinivas Alluri shared the importance of meditation and its benefits in the daily life of a person. The participants enjoyed the meditation.

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