International Yoga day in London (Parliament & IHC)

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Manavata is celebrating International Yoga day in UK Parliament house on 21st June 2018. On this occasion, Sri Srinivasa Alluri, Funder of Manavata and Inspiration for Yoga, Youth and Humanity will be hosting a special Yoga workshop for professionals and Leaders. Senior volunteers of Mnavata UK chapter Kalyan Petluru, Jayanthi Praveen, Hemanth Devabhaktuni, Rao Penumudi and other key members sent special invitations chief guests UK parliament and also requested all humanitarian leaders, organisations, professionals, spiritual seekers, health and environment lovers to attend this event. For more details visit IDY at UK Parliament Event 

Sri Srini has called all the leaders to adopt Yoga as a life style and promote same to the rest of the society, so that every Social, economic, health, climate change and environmental problem can be addressed in a sustainable manner. Yoga makes one to get clarity and purity of the mind, so that leaders and professionals can take right decisions in long term perspective without any partiality, honest and efficient governance can be provided with equality, which can help to promote the peace and protect all the beings. On this Occassion, Srini said that, Manavata has been promoting Yoga as life style (Jeevan Yoga) mainly because, this is the way human values can be brought into picture without any religious discrimination.  

Srini wished everyone to live with Health, Happiness and Harmony by living simple, self-less and eco-friendly life style, which is Yoga way of living.  

23rd June 2018: Saturday 1pm to 2pm: Indian High commission is hosting International Yoga day event in London. Manavata Yoga session at 1pm: details can be seen in IDY IHC London 

Manavata also celebrating International Yoga day globally. in India: Some of them are 

India: Regional events by Hyderabad chapter, Manavata Ashram in Lolla, Rayavaram Mandal, East Godavari district, AP. UFH Kothakota, Vanaparthy district, Telangana, etc. 

USA: Sunnyvale, Fremont, Mountain House, Livermore, Mill Valley, east coast (Virginia and New York).  Mukund Gorla, Vinoy Mereddy, Raghu Chemala, Chakrapal, Naveen, Yuva, Kishore, Kumar, Jyothi and other volunteers of Manavata US chapter were working together with local groups in organizing regional Yoga day events. 

UK: Reading, Basingstoke, Amersham, Bristol, Cardiff, Brentwood, Manchester, Milton Keynes, East Ham, Sutton, Birmingham, Swindon, Kensington and other regional events are organized. 

Volunteers expressed their happiness of volunteering for Manavata 3H mission to promote Yoga as life style and they said that it is only way the current generation can be saved and ignorance/selfishness of people can be removed by creating universal peace.

Objective: To bring excellence, Humanity and Harmony. To bring Healthy life style and Excellence in Professionals and Leaders.


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