Karma Yoga Camp at UFH.

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This program is executed by Manavata Volunteers(ShaikRiyazuddin,Surendra ,Tulasi) we are glad to be part of Karma yoga camp at UFH.

On September 15th Thursday We reached UFH at evening 8pm.Had a Planning Meeting  at 9pm for the next day karma yoga camp. Next day at 5am we started our day by having 1liter of warm water after refreshment at 6pm started yoga and Meditation session by Prakesh Sir. Had brahmarpanamslokaPrayer before Breakfast at 8am.

Unloaded 1000 plants by manavata Volunteers.IMG_20160916_080328118_HDR.jpgWhatsApp Image 2016-09-19 at 7.37.07 PM.jpegAround 10am 70 agriculture Bsc students from Telangana state agriculture University College came to UFH.IMG_20160916_112923814.jpgIMG_20160916_101429569_HDR.jpgSurya Prakesh allure sir share his feelings about his brother Srinivas Alluri Sir (Chairman) aim, to build a Sustainable development on Health Education and Environment. Shaik Riyazuddin started with introduction on Manavata achievements from 1991 to till date.IMG-20160916-WA0052.jpgIMG_20160916_102727736_HDR.jpgIMG_20160916_102022006.jpgIMG_20160916_104337290_HDR.jpgDone Meditation.IMG_20160916_115451556.jpg100 saplings Planted by NSS Students.IMG_20160916_115254337_HDR.jpgIMG-20160916-WA0041.jpg All students enjoyed lunch at 1pm started with brahmarpanam sloka Prayer.IMG_20160916_134928464_HDR.jpgHad Sharing knowledge /ideas / PDP sessions.IMG-20160916-WA0009.jpgMeeting on natural farming.Students enjoyed by watching plantation done in UFH , Ponds, Birds.IMG-20160916-WA0038.jpg1000 saplings planted in this 3days camp by NSS camp, Manavata volunteers.

Staff accompained the students are:

1.Dr.Sujatha-NSS office Incharge.

2.Dr.Ramesh Babu- NSS office Incharge.

3.Dr.Padmasri – NSS office Incharge.

4.Dr.Razia Sultana – NSS office Incharge.

5.Dr.K.P.Vani – Personl Representative.

6.Dr.Suneetha Devi – Personal Representative.

7.K.Suresh Kumar – Scientist , Madhanapuram(KVK) Krishivignan Kendra.

8.Dr.Masthanayya – Scientist , Madhanapuram(KVK) Krishivignan Kendra.

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