Manavata free health camp in Kurmapuram and Biccavolu

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Kurmapuram and Biccavolu:

Health camps are going successfully,village peoples are impressed and motivated by the camps.Day by day positive responses from the patient is increasing.More patience were beneficial in all months.Our special thanks to Doctors and volunteers for their kind support.

Today’s Health camp in kurmapuram and biccavolu went on verywell,with careful diagnoses,treatment.Our volunteer took feedback from many patients and they all felt happy as they could cure their issues with our treatment and medicines.People who are interested our volunteer please visit our website or contact our co-ordinator:9966673111.

Homeo camp at lolla

25.02.2024..Lolla Manavata Homoeopathy Health center time 9 4

Health camp at UFH and Goshala

Such camps play a crucial role in disseminating knowledge, fostering...