Manavata Health Center Inauguration in Srungarayanipalem

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As part of Sustainable rural development program (SRDP), Manavata is continuing it’s village adoption program. we are glad to announce that, a new health centre is getting inaugurated in Srungarayanipalem near Prathipadu which covers 5 to 6 surrounding villages also (S. Timmapuram, Tamarada, Geddanapalli, Kirlamputdi etc). 

Manavata co-ordinator from Prathipadu, RR Varma said, on this occasion we are also adopting 15 children who have lost their parents with HIV impact. team has decided to supply nutritious food for them.

Dr. Raghavarao, Nukaraju, Subbaraju and team along with local volunteers are attending this.

Time: 4pm to 6pm 18th Jan 2015

Venue: Gram panchayat, Srungarayanipalem, Via Prathipadu, East Godavari dt., AP, India 

Contact: 9866342234 or 9908812443

Plan is to start with homeopathy treatment and raise health awareness in people with the help of weekly camps. 

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