Manavata Immunity Kits Wanaparthy

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Corona free (Green) zone initiative in Wanaparthy district (Kothakota): Manavata Immunity Kits to front line workers (Police, Health /Asha workers, municipal workers, journalists): 🙏 Appreciate all volunteers for helping in this program. Prakash ji, Panduranga, Venkat, Anjaneya, Sai, Balakrishna and others. Police CI Mr. Mallikarjun reddy, SI, DSP have participated along with police and journalists. Over 100 kits distributed. our founder Sri Srinivasa Alluri has explained about basic steps to take up immediately as matter of urgency to boost their immunity and also help educating general public with these key life style changes. He has requested everyone to take responsibility to improve their immune and maintain social distancing.——–Manavata immunity kit includes items like: 1. Homeopathy Arsenic Alb 30 medicine bottle for family of 10 members, 2. Ayurvedic Tea: Kashayam powder, 3. Lemon grass tea, 4. Yoga for immunity handout, 5. Gomayam as anti viral dhoopam.

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