Manavata UK Nature event brought many humanitarians together

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Nature get together Event 2015:

Manavata UK Family event, high inspiration to each one of us to live eco-friendly with harmony, without greed, jealous and hatred, with humanity and dignity. get rid of ignorance with consistent practice of right knowledge, work without expectations for welfare of every being. It was productive trip for all families with lot of positive sharing and positive thoughts. we all learnt from each other a lot and inspired ourselves to lead more purposeful and meaningful life. We also have discussed about several humanitarian projects taken up by Manavata including Ashrams, Rural health centers and Manavata University. Some of the new volunteers also came forward to work together and be part of 3H mission.

It was great to be with such positive people and thanks to all volunteers for organizing this annual family get together with nature event very well.  Well organized with dedication and commitment.

Special thanks to Uma for booking such a wonderful location, Jaynthi, Kalyan, Rao for coordination, Raj and Mahesh for organizing such a nice Nature walk and games, Suba, Jyanthi for kids events, Hema, Poornima and Chandra for organizing very fresh fruits and veg from maidenhead, Sridhar, Venkat, Kavitha, Vijaya for cooking, Babji for grocery and fund raising,


Congratulations to all the participants of Yogathon, this time most of the people are able to complete well, Swetha won first place, (Reading), Kalyan 2nd place, Venkatesh in 3rd  place, Megha Medha got 1st place in kids category.. I hope you all had a great experience with yogathon & Meditation practice this morning and also experienced oneness with our big family and nature. I trust each one of us can make progress towards making our life more purposeful towards our goal of self-realisation thru self-transformation.

I think it is very productive trip which helped us to discussed and share wonderful ideas for the cause, inspired us to work together with more like minded humanitarians. I trust each family and child have good motivation to make positive change and make a great progress towards making 3H family.

Thanks to all kids for supporting during our meetings and helping themselves to adopt healthy food habits. Of course we need to make further improvements and special attention on their habits, particularly educating parents towards basic health concepts before the event.

Ice breaking circle meeting really helped us to understand each ones views and get to know each other well:

2015 Manavata UK awards: Lifetime achievement award to Satish Kumar was really great.  Glad to see Best Leadership award in 2nd consecutive year to both Jayanthi Praveen and Leena Thomas, Best co-ordination award Kalyan, Best volunteers Sridhar Suravarapu, Kavitha Hawadhar, Satya Kurabalakota, Special appreciations to Suba Masanamuthu, Balasree, Venkatesh, Babji Vundavilli, Ram Yeggoni.

Nature walk / Trekking for 6.5 miles was great, which has energised all families and kids with more confidence:

Big family spending together for 3 days brought us lot of happiness, harmony and positive spirit:

Felicitation to Kids:

Thanks to all families who have participated and taken all positive commitments. All the best for your self-transformation towards making your family as healthy, happy and harmonious with the practice of humanity and charity at home. keep up the good work


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