Manavata Youth day celebration (12th Jan 2023)

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Sri Swami Boddhamayananda Maharaj shared a great insight of Swami Vivekanda and his multidimensional excellence and his greatness.

He has advised everyone to study about Vivekananda to bring great personality within you, specifically mentioned about his Colombo lectures book.

Swami ji said we must look at Vivekanda’s great spiritual dimension to under his greatest achievement and sacrifice… remained example of every path of Yoga Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga.

He said, Manavata’s work to empower kids with Samskara vidya is essential for every child.

Manavata Youth day celebration (12th Jan 2023)

This year National Youth festival 2023 has a theme of ‘Vikasit Yuva Vikasit Bharat’ which means that if the youth of India is leading on a path of development then only India can be developed

clearly emphasizes the importance of building a progressive youth..

JD Lakshmi narayana garu explaining youth about Vikasit Youth & Vikasit Bharat.. & called up on youth to take leadership in countries development with the inspiration of Swami Vivekananda with his 9 great qualities:

1. Suchivan, 2. Vaachaswivan, 3 Smrithivan, 4. Dhruthivan, 5. Krithivan, 6. Namravan, 7. Jijnasivan, 8. Utsahavan, 9. Varchswivaan

He has inspired all volunteers and children to take forward Manavata Samskara vidya (real education for human excellence). appreciated the Manavata study centers initiatives to promote value system and life skills.

Manavata Youth day event: 12th Jan 2023

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