Meeting with Uzumi Michio san, vice president of JOAA

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Yesterday we had wonderful meeting with Uzumi Michio, Vice president of Japan Organic agriculture association and wonderful humanitarian family, agriculture scientist, organic farmer. He is trying his best to promote organic and nature friendly farming with his 3 hectors of farm. They felt so happy to connect with Manavata UFH project. He has also arranged a few meetings on the way from Hiroshima to Nagasaki Cycling. wonderful family,

We have spent 2 hours meeting with him exchanging wonderful knowledge. He is an inspiration for Japan farmers. He is also using his farm as educational institution for many agricultural students and farmers.


She showed mothers love with great hospitality and humanity. She gave me 4100 Yans as a contribution and some dry fruits to eat on the way of my cycling. We have invited both of them for our UFH inauguration in October.

Some highlights are:

·       Simple hand tools and equipment he is using are innovative for plantation and weed removing.

·       He also mentioned about using ducks as weed removers

·       He also said, industrialized animal compost is toxic for soil.. he is using only domestic animal compost and also making special leaves compost for initial seedling

·       He is growing domestic hens with vegetables and grains feeding (made them vegetarian J )

·       He said, he decided to start his organic farm after his studies at University of Tokyo because in 1980 time, Japan’s food and soil became so much  toxic due to chemical farming. So he said, he wanted to change this.. however so far, organic farming movement in Japan is very slow.

·       He is currently following methods he learnt from a book by an oxford University author about his research at Madhya Pradesh in India 30 years ago.

·       He has also given us his paper which he has presented in world conference in Korea

·       Just his family and his son’s family wonderfully managing this farm of 3 hectors.. supplying family organic vegetable box to number of families. He is growing paddy, soya, vegetables, eggs etc

·       She has given us home made curd / yogurt which is same as Indian curd.

Overall it is good learning for whole team, Sastry wonderful organized and drove all of us to the farm which is 90 km from Tokyo. Sivaram, Tulasi, Laxmi and others have participated very actively in this visit. Much appreciate all team work.

Later we went to Healthy Living workshop at Tokyo. Sastry will share his updates along with feedbacks soon.

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