Personality Development Workshop at Vetlapalam

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At Vetlapalam Srini conducted Manavata personality development workshop to the children at the school there.

Srini gave a speech in which he covered topics regarding character development and lifestyle tips. A chief idea in the speech concerned seating position. Although unnoticeable, the position of seating of a person plays a significant role, such as willpower and blood circulation. As a result, there was some time spent teaching the children on protecting seating methods such as straightening of the back, which can further build diligence, willpower and improve circulation of blood to the brain, making one more powerful with retaining memory etc. The speech also strained the importance of family life, and how children should always seek to honour their mother and father, considering the sacrifices they have made for their child. Once again, yoga and meditation was also promoted in order to help students improve their mental, physical and spiritual health. The speech was well received and the audience were fully captivated by the powerful words.






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