Get Involved:

Samskara Vidya Program needs 1000 volunteers:  This program aims at providing Value Education to 1000 government schools to provide quality education which include holistic  development program  for children. This is mainly to poor children . Volunteering can be teaching, coordination, material preparation,  Organizing activity based learning, planning etc. Volunteers can help in their possible locations and area of interest.


How much time you need to give? Minimum 2 hours per week

How you can take lead and volunteer your time effectively?

1.       Initiate weekly 2 hours: MAHE Samskara Kendra for kids in your area / community or with local school.

2.       MAHE Study centre: daily 2 hours. Creative Teaching & integrating values thru academics. Innovative methods with inspirational sessions. Cover this course.

3.       Samskara Vidya in schools: weekly 3 days, 2 hours a day.


What is the Problem?

Children are in high risk! Also Earth is in danger!

It is high priority for all of us to Save our children and save mother Earth

How we can help situation:

The best way to Save children and empower poor children is to give them Value education, which could help them for Total holistic development.

Manavata has been working on Value education called Samskara Vidya. This program has already proved in different schools and communities. So this year we have initiated this program  extending to 1000 schools.

Do you know these facts?

Poor Health:

·         Over 80% of the children are suffering with depression, anxiety, mental disorders

·         Rapid increase of cancer, heart and kidney problems in children

·         As per recent survey over 55% girl children are anaemic in India

·         Over 70% children are with poor immune, hormone imbalance, emotional imbalance.

·         Major increase in learning disabilities in children

Poor Education:

·         Over 60% children area unable to read and write even in their 6th class.

·         70% of the children do not understand subject. They just mug-up.

·         80% of the students unable to focus and listen in the classes!

·         Majority of the students do not know why they are coming to school? No enthusiasm to learn!

·         Madness of Rat race making children stressful

Poor Quality & Values & No Life skills:

·         Over 90% children have no idea about humanity and basic human values like honesty and non-violence!

·         Majority of children and their life styles damaging environment in hugely

·         Many have no idea about what is life? they don’t know the value of their own life!

·         No understanding about Health, healthy dietand their responsibility towards parents & society.

·         Many children couldn’t recognize value of parents, value of natural resources or time.

·         They think they are smart as they can operate smart phones, but they don’t that they are missing even common sense.

Increasing anti-social behaviour:

·         Over 80% of the students Copying in exams (this is damaging moral of good students, they also losing interest in studies), this is increasing corruption

·         Arrogance

·         Cheating parents and friends also

·         Misusing resources

·         Ragging, teasing pears

·         Suicidal feelings

·         Damaging public assets 

Get Involved & Join Hands?

How you can help?

You can work together in following options:

1.       Start a Study Centre: local volunteers can start a study centre associated to a govt. school or any community.

2.       Adopt a school: Signup today to support or adopt a school

3.       Volunteer with us: to teach or coordinate this program for a school or community

4.       Schools Application:  schools can apply for this program to implement in their school

5.       Apply for MAHE project in your village: NGOs / Rural Youth Organisations can apply for the scheme, selected organizations will be awarded necessary support, training and funding for implementation of Samskara Vidya.


About Program?

Mission: To Create a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious world!

ఆరోగ్యకరమైన, ఆనందమయమైన, అన్యోన్య ప్రపంచాన్ని తయారు చెయ్యడం!

Vision: Healthy & Happy children, Honest society & Sustainable world!

ఆరోగ్యకరమైన, ఆనందమయమైన, అవినీతి రహిత దేశం, కాలుష్య రహిత ప్రపంచం!

To make responsible citizens, who can build sustainable world!



·         To Empower million children by 2022, 10 million children by 2025 with holistic education.

·         To make every children healthy, honest and responsible humane.

·         To support sustainable development goals (SDG 2030)

Samskara Vidya program is a value based holistic education, which is essential for every child. This is to empower the child with life skills, right knowledge and right practice, which gives good health and good character. MAHE has been working on Samskara vidya program in India, UK, USA and other countries since 2003. Samkara vidhya evolved over years of Manavata’s work at ground level and developed with proven methods for current generation.

Manavata Academy of Human Excellence (MAHE)

MAHE is an institution with the vision of empowering every child with good health and good character. It is initiated by MANAVATA, an international charitable organization operations over 10 countries and registered India, UK and USA as a voluntary & non-profit organisation.  Manavata has been working since 1991 since its inception for the cause of humanity with a mission of creating a healthy, happy and harmonious (3H) world towards sustainable development. Manavata also hold special consultative status in ECOSOC in UN.


In Summary:

As we see children becoming more unhealthy, addicted to junk foods, media and gadgets. This is deteriorating their life and also damaging social value system. It is dangerous situation now.

Any free material giving is making them much more irresponsible.

So it is very high priority for this world to bring positive change and make education useful for their life.

Let us save our children and save our mother earth.