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Manavata Virtual OP Health and Medical consultation service is open to all at your finger tips

Manavata has gathered experts in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Homeopathy and General Medicine to serve you.

Yoga for Immunity online sessions are going on regularly, Many families are already using this service. You may join online either 6 a.m. (IST) and/or 6 p.m. (IST) from our website.

Please call on the Helpline numbers for free health counseling / awareness.

Experienced Doctors and Volunteers have dedicated themselves for this service.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Surya Prakash Vinjamuri

Dr. Venkata Seshaiah

Dr. Kartik

Dr. Madhuri

Dr. G.SN Reddy

Dr. Datla Satish

Dr. Raghunath

Dr. Krishna Babu

Dr. Kameswari Vinjamuri

Dr. Srinivas Reddy

Dr. Sindura Kondepati

Dr. T. Veeranjaneyulu

Dr. R. Venkata Satyanarayana

Dr. Mattey Nookaraju

Dr. Sandeep

Dr. Muvva Krishna Rao

Dr. Raghuram Chakravarthy

Dr. Chakravarthy

Dr. Gummdi Velli Srinivas

Dr. Saraswathi Sharma

Our Psychologists

Dr. Saraswathi

Dr. Kalpana

Dr. Radhika Acharya

Dr. Srichandana

Dr. Kavitha

Our Volunteers

Bhavani Akkina

Bhavani worked in IT industry in the USA for 20 years, she has travelled extensively to understand world issues and…


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