Yoga Theraphy & Meadical Camp at Pasalapudi village

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Yoga therapy & Free Homeopathy Medical Camp at Pasalapudi village on 23rd November 2018. Manavatha Organisation head Srinivas Alluri with Vemana reddy of Sankheshma sagam conducted for the people in the village.Even in seniors  with very limited mobility can still do yoga through adaptive practices. In chair chair, all the poses are done with the support of chairs. … Many people with arthritis find that yoga helps improve their range of motion significantly.

Yoga practising daily helps to sugar and BP patients to maintain the level and also help to get out off such health problems face by old age people.

After Yoga session they organise homeopathy medical camp Chintha Subareddy, Anjaneyullu doctor’s done the check up’s to the patiient’s over their and distributed medicens to them.

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