Yoga therapy workshop in Amersham

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24th March 2019: 5pm to 8pm 3 hours workshop by Sri Srinivasa Alluri has been organized by Manavata Amarsham team Hemanth kumar, Sri Latha and team. Around 70 people participated in this event actively and practiced Yoga together with Srini. They all had wonderful experience of Sadhana and learnt Yoga & Self heeling techniques to cure many common problems.

Some of them committed to join Manavata regular sessions and weekly Yoga / MAHE sessions in Amersham.

Why to follow Healthy life style:

Yes death is certain for this body, We must follow healthy life style to keep our body and mind fit for our life journey towards higher goals and to lead purposeful and meaningful life.. It is not just wasting human life for just eating and sleeping or enjoying with sensory pleasures.. But doing our divine duty to protect all the beings and help for future generations to live with righteousness, which is real Charity! We must remember Swami Vivekananda’s inspiration “They alone live who live of others! rest all dead than alive”

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