Yoga Workshop @ Bristol

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May 20th 2018 evening was a glorious sunny evening for Bristol people as we have been blessed by  the Padasparsam and inspiring speech of Mr  Srinivas Alluri. The meeting was started with the beautiful Malayalam song of Meghana  followed by the heartfelt welcome speech by Mr Vinod Thomas.  He shared his experiences about Srini. IsHani ( our MAHE student) welcomed Srini with a bouquet. Kushi (our MAHE student) welcomed  Councillor Tom Aditya with a bouquet. Mr Sundeep Kumar ( Star singer and proud of UK Malayalies)  sang a Hindi song  which captivated the audience. 80 People participated the program.People from all communities including Karthik Raja ( president of Tamil association ) participated the event.

Mr Srinivas started his speech well being talk followed by yoga , meditation and yoga therapy. Within three hours he covered most of the important Asanas  which is useful to people. People came to him for solutions of different health issues. Srini kindly explained them the changes they need to follow. He convinced them and teach them the technique of  jala nethri (nose cleaning) and eye cleaning. Now the Jalanerthi bottle and eye cup are in great demand in Bristol. He concluded the the work shop by the famous song kousallya Suprabaje and he repeated and emphasized karthaviam daivathmike -please arise to complete your duties. His messages captured the heart of many.

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