Brain Excellence: Creative, Innovative, Mastering mind, Public speaking

Health: Yoga, Nutrition, healthy cooking, hiking, first aid 

Nature Skills: Organic Farming, Plants, Bamboo House, eco-products

Empower women and family health through Kitchen garden project..

Gardening improves both mental health and physical health. It help to cure Anemia, iron and D-vitamin deficiencies as you spend time with plants and outdoor sunlight.. many women facing several health problems like depression, stress etc. all can be cured by positive engagement of their time for a productive work like growing fresh veg and fruit can be produced by their own organically, which improves family health.

 Module 1: Organic Farming: Introduction, Scope & Nature in Global Scenario

Module 2: Organic Farming- Principles and Practices

Module 3: Integrated Organic Farm Management Systems

Module 4: Organic Crops and Soil Sciences

Module 5: Plant ProtectionDisease Management and weed management

Module 6: Organic Fertilizers, Crop Nutrients and Effective Microorganisms (EM) in Organic Farming

Module 7: Livestock Management

Module 8: Organic farming- Possible Problems & Fixes

Module 9: Crop Production Systems

Module 10: Agri-food Economics and Marketing

Module 11: Urban farming and roof gardening


The academic program is3 Monthslong.

120 hours of classes including practical and exams. Weekly 10 hours online. Practical: 4 sessions each 4 hours or day long, 1 field visit.


All those who have completed their 10th standard, 10+2 standard, graduation or post-Graduation/ PhD are eligible to enroll for the course.


Rs.2000 for entire course.


All the participants are obliged to timely submit completed assessment assignments (during the course, usually after every module) and appear for an online exam at the end of the course. After successful completion, the participants will be awarded Diploma in Organic / Natural Farming.

Employment Opportunities:

Those who would like to peruse their career in the field of Organic farming will have plenty of opportunities as self-employed or working as consultant. Manavata can help for placements for successful candidates.

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