A Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) is a training program designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become certified yoga instructors. These courses typically cover a range of topics, including:

1. **Yoga Philosophy and History:** Understanding the origins and principles of yoga.

2. **Asanas (Yoga Poses):** Learning and mastering various yoga postures.

3. **Pranayama (Breath Control):** Exploring different breathing techniques integral to yoga practice.

4. **Anatomy and Physiology:** Understanding the human body and its response to yoga.

5. **Teaching Methodology:** Developing effective methods for instructing and guiding yoga sessions.

6. **Meditation and Relaxation Techniques:** Incorporating practices for mental and emotional well-being.

7. **Yogic Lifestyle and Ethics:** Embracing the holistic principles of yoga beyond the physical practice.

8. **Practical Teaching Experience:** Hands-on experience in leading yoga classes under supervision.

Upon completion of a Yoga Instructor Course, participants typically receive certification, allowing them to teach yoga professionally. Courses can vary in duration and intensity, ranging from short-term workshops to more comprehensive training programs. It's important to choose a course that aligns with your goals, preferences, and the style of yoga you wish to teach.


Srini and Team of Health Expert

To control Obesity:

Learn Therapeutic way of practice Asana,Pranayama,Mudras,Kriyas,Diet and Dyana

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Vishwa Manavata Samastha 

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Reducing back pain through Yoga

YTT 50 Yoga teachers training

Yoga basics (Astanga Yoga, definitions, streams of Yoga)·

       Yoga as life style for good health & Happiness

·       Yoga for high performance in teaching

·       Yogic techniques for teachers

·       Raja Yoga Practice of Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayams, Meditation in day to day life..

·       How Yama Niayamas practice can make a teacher great

·       Gaining mind control and concentration

·       Ability to bring concentration and confidence in children

·       Teaching techniques & emotional intelligence, (IQ, EQ, SQ)

·       Patanjali Yoga sutras for powerful mind

·       Yoga for children and brain excellence

·       Health diet and nutrition

·       Integration of Samskara Vidya into academic lessons