Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992

  • The Rehabilitation Council of India was set up as a registered society in 1986. However, it was soon found that a society could not ensure proper standardization and acceptance of the standards by other Organizations.
  •  Act in 1992. The Parliament enacted Rehabilitation Council of India  become a Statutory Body on 22nd June 1993.
  • The RCI Act was amended by the Parliament in 2000 to work it more broad.
  • The Act casts norms responsibility on the Council. it also prescribes that any one delivering services to people with disability, with out processing qualifications recognized by RCI, could be prosecuted.
  • The Council has the twin responsibility of standardizing and regulating the training of personnel and professionals in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education.

Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995

  • The Persons with Disabilities ( Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation Act, 1995) has come into force on February 7, 1996.
  • This law is an important landmark and is a significant step in the direction of ensuring equal opportunities for persons with disabilities and their full participation in the nation building.
  • The Act provides for both preventive and promotional aspects of rehabilitation like education , employment and vocational training, job reservation, research and manpower development, creation of barrier-free environment, rehabilitation of person with disability, unemployment allowance  for the disabled, special insurance scheme for the disabled employees and establishment of homes for persons with severe disability etc.

National Trust Act, 1999

  • The National Trust for Welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities Act, 1999   No 44 of 1999 (30th December 1999) is an act  to provide for the constitution of a body at the national level for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities and for matters connected therewith or incidental there to.

National Policy for Persons with Disability:

  • The National Policy recognizes that  Persons with Disabilities as a valuable human resource for the country and seeks to create an environment that country and seeks to create an environment that provides them equal opportunities, protection of their rights and full participation in society.
  • The focus of the policy is on (a) Prevention of Disabilities and (b) Rehabilitation Measures .
  • The salient features of the National Policy are :
  •  Physical Rehabilitation, which includes early detection and intervention, which includes early detection and intervention,  counseling & medical interventions and provision of aids & appliances.
  • Education Rehabilitation including vocational training and
  • Economic Rehabilitation for a dignified life in society