Inaugural event in Manavata UFH with immunity plants and immunity medicines

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Wish you all a very Happy Vijayadashimi and 29th annual day of Manavata. May you all blessed with health, happiness and harmony… with determination for your regular sadhana.

Much appreciate Manavata lead volunteers who made Manavata day events and Yogathon a wonderful inspiration.. appreciate all volunteers for Yogathon events and health services by UK chapter events (Jayanthi/Vamsi and team), Benugluru chapter Hari, UFH/Hyderabad/ east Godavari and other chapters: Tulasi, Jayabharathi & team.

Pleased to let you know that our last weeks new project initiative Sanchara Vaidyta Seva (Manavata Arogya Radham) is successfully serving many old and poor patients regularly in different villages. Dr. Supriya a new BHMS doctor has joined Manavata health care team recently for this new service. Monthly 60 to 70 villages will be covered by our Medical service vehicle. Over 5000 patients can be treated with this service.

Yesterday we have initiated this service for Wanaparthy district also. Here is the update on this. Lot of volunteering work is required. Request you to spare some time for coordinating this program successfully. It is a great opportunity to serve needy from home. Thank you for all your good work and support for Manavata. May Goddess bless you all.

Manavata Arogya Radham for Wanaparty district Inaugurated on 25th Oct 2020:

On the Occasion of Manavata 29th Annual day and Vijayadashimi, Manavata Arogya Radham for Waanaparty district inaugurated on 25th Oct 2020 by our founder Sri Srinivasa Alluri along with volunteers Dr. Tirupathi, Naveen, Lakshmi and team at Manavata University for Humanity. many poor patients have taken homeopathy medicines for immunity and joint pains. later Arogya radham visited Pamapuram villages.

Manavata medical camp in Pamapuram village:

Sarpanch Sri Lakshma redd garu, MPTC Smt & Sri Gulabi Govind garu and village leaders have given warm welcome to Manavata Radham and organized medical service camp in this village. Many old & poor people are in need. Many are suffering with joint pains, knee pains, gastric problems, frozen shoulders, untreated from several years. Many people have drug addictions (alcohol and smoking), which is a big problem. lot of health awareness and education to be given before giving them medicine. Giving medicine is not a the solution. Yogasanas, pranayasma, meditation, nutrition, healthy diet, healthy routine to be conducted as regular training / workshops in each village.

How can we solve the bigger health problem of India?

Empower people with right knowledge. At present many people with their ignorance, misuse of pain killers and antibiotics made them much worse. with those pains are they are relying on alcohol and destroying their health & family. This is also causing unemployment, poverty. There is no health & social consciousness in these people. COVID precautions are completely ignored too. no social distancing. Youth & educated people also completely careless too. Manavata has been focusing on holistic health to every person with right education and healthy life style. Yoga, Holistic health care & natural farming trainings must be organized in much bigger scale. Manavata has pioneered in this work with past 29 years of its services to different villages in AP and Telangana regions.

Need of the hour:

Sri Srinivasa said, it is the need of the hour to bring the change. We must work together and build village wise volunteers / teams as a first step..

Holistic health care training 1 month course has been conducted by Manavata for interested youth in each village via online classes. Identify and nominate atleast 2 people in each village. successfully trained volunteers can also get livelihood with full time or part time engagement. Contact us on Manavata helpline 9966673111 and for Holistic health training program and also to conduct medical / health camps in your village.

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