Yoga & Healthy Living Workshops

Manavata’s free Yoga, Meditation Camps and Healthy Living camps are held across the globe regularly and have helped thousands of people to improve their health, cure diseases and ailments, manage stress,develop peace of mind and understand the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits.Ongoing schedules for these camps can be found on the Manavata website.

Rural Health Centers

Manavata’s free Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy treatment centers in rural areas treat over 6000 patients  and cover around 50 villages. Details of homeopathy camps can be obtained from Manavata.

Healthy Cooking (Kitchen Chemistry)

Best Cooks are the ones who can cook healthy and without changing natural taste and color of the main ingredients. They manage with natural tastes without using more than allowable limits.That means cook is the one who can always take care of both nutrition and taste.

Blood Donation Program

Manavata’s blood donation drives are complemented by a comprehensive database of around 3000 blood donors on the Manavata website, listed area wise. The website enables posting for blood requirement and searching for donors and the Manavata Blood Donation helpline in India (Hyderabad) has benefited more than 10,000 patients so far in far off places across the world.

Eradication of Drug Addictions Among Youth

Manavata volunteers conduct campaigns for eradication of social ills such as smoking and drinking among youth in rural areas. Manavata an organises awareness sessions, individual counselling, campaign walks and cycling.