One of the large projects of Manavata to meet sustainable development goals through the real practice of biodiversity and humanity.

MAHE-University for Humanity

University For Humanity (UFH):

Manavata is establishing University for Humanity where true happiness through practice of self-less service and achieve sustainable development by living together with nature.

As shown in the following diagram, they are four levels of transformation required for sustainable development:

manavata university


Main purpose of Manavata University or University for Humanity (UFH) is to facilitate holistic learning of life skills to live with humanity. i.e non-violent, purposeful living without damaging mother nature and improving biodiversity, self-sustainability and humanity.

Goshala (Care for cows, birds and all beings)

Natural farm (Organic farming)

Convert dry land to Green (growing trees)

Arogya Vanam (Medicinal plants growing, educating and promoting)

Sustainable living and Nature cure

Yoga & Samskara Vidya teachers training

Skill development in Sustainable ways

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Cows Protected

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