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Manavata Virtual OP Health and Medical consultation service is open to all at your finger tips

How can we assist you?
If you have any health challenges and are seeking advice or treatment from our medical panel, please let us know, either calling our helpline +91-9966673111 (whatsapp) or Register in this form:

Manavata has gathered experts in Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Homeopathy and General Medicine to serve you.

Yoga for Immunity online sessions are going on regularly, Many families are already using this service. You may join online either 6 a.m. (IST) and/or 6 p.m. (IST) from our website.

Please call on the Helpline numbers for free health counseling / awareness.

Experienced Doctors and Volunteers have dedicated themselves for this service.

Is there a medical emergency? Do you need a doctor? Does any family member need a doctor’s advice? Online Medical Consultation

Please contact the helpline number +91-9166673111 / +91-9166673480 and a Doctor will get in touch with you.

Our Health Services

Contact the helpline number and a Doctor will get in touch with you

Call a Doctor

We deliver food relief to the needy and the poor.

Food Relief

We provide assistance for Pregnant Women and Infants

Pregnancy Related

We provide health chechups for the poor and people from remote villages.

Health Checkups

We organise regular blood donation camps to and help people search for blood donors.

Blood Donation

Manavata organise Eye Check-up Camps across Andhra Pradesh and Telengana.

Eye Care

Manavata organises camps to provide Homeopathy Camps and free consultation from reputed Doctors

Homeo Care

We promote healthy living and lifestyle by sharing Naturapathy Medicines with people.


Manavata For Police

Medical helpline: 9966673480

We at Manavata wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts made by the police in the current situation and are doing whatever we can to support them through! Which is why we have launched helpline numbers by which they can reach out to us for any help.

Medical helpline: 9966673111

Our Doctors & Our Helpline

In the year 2000, Manavata’s helpline was initiated for general public. It was a helpline for medical related emergencies, blood donations, critical surgeries etc. It was helpline for the poor citizen to access doctors for consultation. This helpline has been saving hundreds of lives since its inception. Manavata offers it for the service of humanity.

The same helpline is used even more during the COVID emergency. Manavata works along with the Police Departments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With the Police Departments’ help, we have volunteers working in teams to provide necessary health care and food relief supply for the needy.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our doctors who provide their services for Manavata. Their indomitable spirit and generosity to further the cause of service is exemplary.

The doctors, expert in their respective fields, volunteer and provide their service free. They visit remote villages, listen to their patients, and serve them with utmost care and empathy.

Manavata, believes in a holistic approach to health and invites doctors from Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Yoga therapy, Allopathy GP, gynaecology, paediatricians, neurologist specialists to assist with the consultation.

Our Holistic 3H Approach Includes

Holistic Health Care

Preventive Health

Life Style Change

Yoga Classes


Our Success Stories

Timely Holistic care recovered Constable Srinivas from Nagarkarnool

He got severe temperature, skin allergy, itchy skin, whole body bleeding with rashes, blood comes out of the wounds. His wife called Manavata medical helpline. Dr. Suryaprakash consulted the patient, requested the photos of the skin and suggested diet and precautions. Founder Mr. Srinivas had a video call on whatsapp and suggested to keep the clean environment at home, apply neem & turmeric paste to whole body and take bath with neem water, suggested body cooling diet like coconut water, barley and fresh fruit juice, tippa teega kashayam. they followed this method strictly, got betterment within 2 days. Manavata also escalated to TS police, local SP team acted quickly to take get some local treatment too. Daily Manavata volunteers followed up this case, 90% is recovered. Wife called back and appreciated the help at the right time.

Saved Pregnant Women from Critical Condition in Srikakulam

Timely repoonse saved Pregnant Women from Critical condition in Srikakulam: Constable’s wife urgently needed blood, called Manavata Helpline asking help for AB+ve Blood. Manavata contacted local volunteers and immediately escalated to AP Police Welfare dept. Timely manner 4 units voluntary blood donors got arranged and surgery went well. Wife got delivered. She is safe and happy with baby.
Constable and wife called back Manavata, expressed their happiness & gratitude, appreciated timely help.

A Constable Reclaims his Life after 2 Years

A Constable from Ananthapuram after an accident, became emotionally weak for 2 years. He felt no respect from his family, he started underperforming at work, he was depressed and had tried to commit suicide. Moreover, he could not bear comments from his wife as she was deceiving him regularly.

His concerned DSP called Manavata Helpline to help him. Dr. Seshaih and Founder Srinivas Alluri through meditation, diet change, homeopathic medication and daily counselling, taught the constable to control his addiction and change his mental state.

Constable feels better and realized his behavioiur was hurting him and others. He began to treat his wife better. This is yet another life is saved by Manavata.
The DSP thanked Manavata for saving a life and changing behavior in Constable.

A 39 Year-Old Techie builds up his Mental Health

A 39 year-old Techie began to panic about the Covid-virus. He was mentally disturbed and abused everyone at home . He accused his family members of attempts to killing him. His terrified Sister called the Manavata helpline.

Manavata counselled him about changing the home environment. Suggestion to keep the home airy and provide lot of ventilation, to use white soothing curtains and make improvement to his food. After several phone sessions,his behavior has calmed down.

The patient feels better and is mentally stable. He has accepted the situation, and thanked Manavata for the critical counselling we provided at the right time.