Samskara Vidya / Value-based Education

Manavata has been conducting Samskara vidya program across the globe with the mission to create Healthy, Happy and Harmonious world.Manavata’s Academy of Human Excellence’ (MAHE) institution established in 2006 particularly to provide Value based holistic Educationto give best opportunity for every child to become healthy and excellent. The program makes children healthy, self-confident, responsible and disciplined. Children learn soft skills, life skills, techniques to sharpen memory and become proactive and intelligent.

Personality Development Program (PDP)

Manavata’s ‘Inspire’ Seminars and ‘Personality Development workshops’ target character building in the youth. ‘Inspire/PDP’ workshops are facilitated through qualified volunteers. MYLIP(Manavata Youth Leadership Intensive Program),a 5 day workshop, trains youth to be leaders, to be self-reliant and socially responsible. Manavata has reached over 1,20,000 students through these programs.

Self-Employment Training / Skill Development

Manavata offers free skill development programs for unemployed youth.Full-time / part time vocational courses in different livelihood skills are offered in this based.

Some of them are Multimedia/Computer Hardware and DTP, Electricians, Organic Farming, Accounting/Tally, Medicinal plants cultivation, Yoga teachers training etc. Aimed at economically backward candidates, aged between 15 and 25 years, with a minimum of 8th standard qualification,the program has trained over 1000 people and has helped over 350 candidates earn their livelihoods. It runs on referrals and sponsorship. Students and unemployed youth can apply for this program.To submit your application

Self-Employement Program For womens (Swashakthi)

“Swasakthi” empowers village women from poor economical backgrounds. After training women in sewing and handloom skills training, Manavata volunteers help trainees organize Manavata Mahila Samstha (MMS) groups to sustain earnings and livelihoods. So far 350 women have benefited from ‘Swasakthi’ training and are earning their livelihood.Trainees manufacture Manavata’s eco-friendly cloth bags – thereby helping to sustain their livelihood and also spread Manavata’s message about no-plastic bags.