Manavata Gurukul Patashala

School of Humanities Gurus:

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The moral inclination of the people is the true national pride.” Swami Vivekananda said, “True education is that which builds character and increases the wealth of character.” Opportunity for best gurukula education for talented students to provide such great education:

An opportunity to build health and great personality along with the best education for children!
– Vishwa Manwatha Sanstha (Register No:3417/01) has been working to change the education system for the last 30 years and provide the best education. Cultural education program for many government schools, humanitarian study centers in villages for poor students Works for development. A 60 acre humanistic university and a health forest have been set up in a peaceful environment, with nature paddies, nature agriculture, cowshed premises with all the necessary arrangements for the education of gurus.Striving to produce quality educated people and now under the Gurukula system this opportunity is given to the gifted students with perfect education, best personality, perfect health and moral leadership with the determination to provide great leaders to the nation of India from this year onwards.It will be given to some students from 5th standard through entrance exam. This competitive examination will be conducted on 5th October at 10.00 am in Vanaparthi district and all mandal centres.

ZP High School, Kottakota, Pebbair. Interested schools may contact for test centers.

🌐 Interested can register online through website.
– For additional information contact 9966673293.

– If children are not given things, they will cry for a while.. But… if they are not given rites, they will cry for the rest of their lives

Education and health should not be business. These should be provided as a service. By increasing the concentration in human beings, nurturing the natural talents of children to make them experts in various fields, but also to make them the best leaders with moral values, learning science as nature’s laboratory, life skills, health, education with values ​​are the main points of this approach.

Universal Humanitarian Organization
Alluri Srinivasa Chaudhary, Founder President