Rural Health Center

Providing holistic health care to many poor and needy patients from more 200 villages by organizing 27 Arogya Kendras and 2 Arogya Radham (mobile medical services) in AP and Telangana states in India.

Yoga & Healthy Living workshops have been organized for different communities including professionals, teachers, children, Youth and aged.

Holistic Health care centre: Manavata UFH project has been creating massive value add for both health care and earth care with medicinal plants growing (50 acres of Arogya vanam campus) which includes Yogashala, Goshala, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga therapy, Nature cure and mainly pollution free environment along with pure natural drinking water.

List Of Health Centers

health center in Angara
Health center in Dharmaraopet & Vemavaram villages
Health center in Gangavaram
Health center in Lolla
Rural Health centre in K.Gangavaram, East Godavari dt
Health Centre in Konkuduru village in East Godavari dt
health Centre at Chinthapalli village, pedapudi mandal.
Manavata health centre in konkuduru
Health centre in Lolla, Rayavaram Mandal, Konaseema dt.
Rural Health centers (Homeopathy dispensaries) in Lolla, Biccavolu, Kurmapuram
Health centre in Kurmapuram
Health Camp at Gangavaram
Health camp at Sadredu in Rangapeta mandalam, East Godavari district.
Manavata health Centre in Biccavolu
Manavata Health Centre.. free homeopathy dispensaries in Lolla, Vetlapalem
MANAVATA yoga & health camp at kottakota manavata study centre

Manavata’s free Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy treatment centers in rural areas treat over 6000 patients  and cover around 50 villages. Details of homeopathy camps can be obtained from