Your time, energy, and a passion to improve your world are all you need to get involved with Manavata.

Join Manavata volunteers of action or explore the many opportunities we have for anyone — whatever your age or interest — who wants to improve lives in communities near and far. Connect with a local Manavata Chapters to find out how you can get involved.

Ways To Volunteer



Blood Donation



Manavata’s free Yoga Clubs  are held across the globe.we helped thousands of people to improve..


It is from this very spirit that ‘Manavata’, a voluntary, not-for-profit, humanitarian organization.

Skill based volunteering

To reach all  of humanity through voluntary initiatives aimed at the individual, family, village, society.

Ashram Volunteering

Discover ways to fit your talents and time to create social change. They need you.


Be a partner for a program to reach out to underprivileged people and community creating hope.

Program based Volunteering

It is a tremendous possibility in that direction-you can offer..

Manavata is almost entirely volunteer run. Every single action and activity of the foundation and its worldwide centres is done on a volunteer basis. Inspired and deeply transformed by their own experience of Manavata Yoga Sadhana and Srini, Manavata volunteers seek to inspire and nurture this possibility in every person, helping them realize the ultimate potential within.

Volunteering is a tremendous possibility in that direction – you can offer yourself through your work

Manavata has initiated several large-scale social projects, most notably MAHE Samskara Vidya (Holistic Education), Rural Health centres, Manavata Ashrams for child care, University for Humanity for Sustainable development & biodiversity with its projects Natural Organic farming to protect soil, Goshalas to protect cows, Mother & Motherland to empower women and next generation. Plenty of opportunity to protect Environment starting from plantation, cycling inspiration etc.

Interested in Volunteering?


A 39 Year-Old Techie builds up his Mental Health

A 39 year-old Techie began to panic about the Covid-virus. He was mentally disturbed and abused everyone at home . He accused his family members of attempts to killing him. His terrified Sister called the Manavata helpline.

Manavata counselled him about changing the home environment. Suggestion to keep the home airy and provide lot of ventilation, to use white soothing curtains and make improvement to his food. After several phone sessions,his behavior has calmed down.

The patient feels better and is mentally stable. He has accepted the situation, and thanked Manavata for the critical counselling we provided at the right time.

A Constable Reclaims his Life after 2 Years

A Constable from Ananthapuram after an accident, became emotionally weak for 2 years. He felt no respect from his family, he started underperforming at work, he was depressed and had tried to commit suicide. Moreover, he could not bear comments from his wife as she was deceiving him regularly.

His concerned DSP called Manavata Helpline to help him. Dr. Seshaih and Founder Srinivas Alluri through meditation, diet change, homeopathic medication and daily counselling, taught the constable to control his addiction and change his mental state.

Constable feels better and realized his behavioiur was hurting him and others. He began to treat his wife better. This is yet another life is saved by Manavata.
The DSP thanked Manavata for saving a life and changing behavior in Constable.


Thank you Srini for such a wonderful session.Good motivation for all of us to learn sanskrit words.It was a good spiritual experience.It was helpful to volunteers and manavata to understand and see how this has impacted and also to find ways to make it better.

Saved Pregnant Women from Critical Condition in Srikakulam

Timely repoonse saved Pregnant Women from Critical condition in Srikakulam: Constable’s wife urgently needed blood, called Manavata Helpline asking help for AB+ve Blood. Manavata contacted local volunteers and immediately escalated to AP Police Welfare dept. Timely manner 4 units voluntary blood donors got arranged and surgery went well. Wife got delivered. She is safe and happy with baby.
Constable and wife called back Manavata, expressed their happiness & gratitude, appreciated timely help.

Siva Reddy

“I grew up in manavata orphanage, started as a yoga teacher and now am one of the leading volunteers in the COVID relief program. I like what I’m doing and would continue to do so. Thank you”

Jaya Kala

“I am from USA. I followed your advice and it really helped me in getting better in terms of sinus. Your yoga sessions are a great stress busters and i suggest you keep up the good work even after the 41 days deeksha. Thank you”

Timely Holistic care recovered Constable Srinivas from Nagarkarnool

He got severe temperature, skin allergy, itchy skin, whole body bleeding with rashes, blood comes out of the wounds. His wife called Manavata medical helpline. Dr. Suryaprakash consulted the patient, requested the photos of the skin and suggested diet and precautions. Founder Mr. Srinivas had a video call on whatsapp and suggested to keep the clean environment at home, apply neem & turmeric paste to whole body and take bath with neem water, suggested body cooling diet like coconut water, barley and fresh fruit juice, tippa teega kashayam. they followed this method strictly, got betterment within 2 days. Manavata also escalated to TS police, local SP team acted quickly to take get some local treatment too. Daily Manavata volunteers followed up this case, 90% is recovered. Wife called back and appreciated the help at the right time.

Mrs. Vadivu

Thanks a lot for giving very informative session. This session s are very useful to build our immune power.In today’s session lots of questions got answered which is really useful for our daily diet.Thanks a lot Dr.Swathi,Srinigaru and Bhavani for such a wonderful session


Thanks a lot for giving such a delicious food to us.It gives us lot of energy to make ourselves strong.This diet was helps us to improve vitamins to fight against covid . Thanks a lot for such a selfless cause.

Migrant Labour From Bihar

Thank you for doing such a selfless cause.We couldn’t eat such healthy diet for past several weeks. we are managing conservatively with little food grains what we have our family. this food real helped us at right time to feed our family. we haven’t received any help as we do not have even our ration cards here as we are from other states. Migrant labour from Bihar (Hyd: Musapet)


The spirituality of how many hunches there are in the confessions of A to z.Nature is about health and Yama rules. Yoga is about humans ,spiritual strength And about the cycle of knowledge.Thank you so much sir for sharing knowledge to us.


Thanks a lot for giving informative Session given by Dr. Madhuri garu .This session given lots of useful tips for our day to day life.By this session we can keep us in safe by using this preventive Measures.Thanks a lot Dr.Madhuri ,Srinu garu for such a Amazing Session.


Thanks a lot for giving very informative session. This session s are very useful to build our immune power.this session helps us to learn lot of new things.Thanks a lot to all volunteers and Srinivas Garu for making these sessions successfull.

Shanti Shikaram

Leena is a remarkable teacher who shows tremendous passion and her passion for yoga is truly inspiring. Leena has shown great consistency from day one to till date.

How I benefitted:

Yoga has immensely benefited me.


• I feel more flexible
• I feel profound strength in my body
• Further improved my postures and metabolic rate
• My migraine attacks have reduced
• My neck and shoulder pains have subsided magically

Enhanced Concentration and Meditation skills:

• Greater and positive start to my day
• Feel more calmer and profound
• Feel magical
• Definitely enriched my concentration and meditation skills

I strongly recommend anyone to take up sessions with Leena. Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank Leena for all her time, efforts and making it simple to understand.

Kumaresan Rangasamy

I could not do this as asked. But, will capture one with my daughter. As some of you may know, she is 6 yrs now. We grow plants in our balcony and she is very good at taking care of that. Also, I am so happy to see the level of awareness she has in terms of healthy food. When she talks to her friends now, she even tells them something like “hope you had a healthy breakfast/food”.


Thanks for arranging such a great sessions every day sir.It was very helpful to us to improve our immune power.Thanks a lot to Srinu Garu for doing such a self less cause.


Great session with Dr.Khadar .. He just break the truth left and right in a confident way and had solutions to almost all the issues. Thanks once again all the Volunteers and Srinigaru to bring the great legend to our Manavata as a guest speaker.


Good toning and Flexibility boosting session today with RamanaJi. Relaxation and Meditation part really frees our mind very nicely after nice workout. Thanks a lot once again for all Organizers.


Thank you Srini sir and everyone, for your endless efforts in arranging these wonderful sessions everyday. Super session today with Kadar Vali sir.

Vani Hedge

Thank you Srini Sir and all Manavatha volunteers for bringing these great sessions .Learning how to do right things for health thru’ Manavatha platform.Really grateful for this selfless cause.


This is excellent. Great feeling to be part of this effort. Thanks to all the Manavata Core team and Volunteers who made this possible with great Planning, Coordination and Execution.


Ended the 24 hr session with a group click. This is really wonderful. Now, let us keep this momentum going and practice in a daily manner. Those who are able to participate and inspire other, good job.


Thank you very much Jaya Bharathi garu. Wonderful explaination on the benefits of each Asana. Thank you very much for all the organizers.


Nice session Padmaja. Learnt good amount of new techniques with breathing and mudras. Thanks a lot


Thanks so much Srinigaru, Really we don’t know sanskrit slokas much and its meaning. Thanks for your patience and passion towards enlighten them and lead them in a right way. So happy to be part of your team.

Tulasi Varma

Thanks For giving such a wonderful motivational speaches these are very helpful in this covid situation.once again thanks for doing such a selfless service.

D.Srinivasa Raju

. I am very much grateful to you for giving me an opportunity. Also introducing a great person Srinivasa garu, who is doing wonderful service to the society. Wish you all the best.

Madhu YTT50 student

Thank you Srini Sir, Suryaprakash Sir, Tulasi Madam, and all other Manavata volunteers for conducting the 108 Suryanamaskara Challenge. Prior to this challenge, I did not think I could do 108 Suryanamaskaras, but this helped give me confidence in my determination and capabilities. I really like all of the services Manavata selflessly provides. The yoga services especially are reaching everyone, and the thoughtfulness you all put into these projects will help inspire future generations as well and provide them many opportunities to do selfless service. I’m proud to be a member of Manavata, such a great organization, and I am looking forward to many more events. Once again, thank you all. 🙏

Mahalakshmi YTT50

That was a great inspiration and should have given a self- contentment in serving the needy for many of the Volunteers in these 29 yrs….Thank you

Ashok Gali

That was a great inspiration and should have given a self-contentment in serving needy for many of the volunteers in these 29yrs…. Thank you

Harikrishna Hebbal

Through prayer and contemplation on God, you should control the evil qualities in you – Baba


Srini bhai, many happy returns of the day and best wishes. Happy birthday and Manavata Day.

Manasa Bangalore

Happy Manavata Day To All! and a very Happy Birthday to Srinivas Uncle.

Sakuntala Chennai

Wish u many many many more happy birthdays with good health peace prosperity and happiness Sreeni garu.

Stay blessed always by the Divine grace.


Best wishes to manavata on its birthday, to have many more like this.


The fire is burning ever stronger!!!

Srini garu,
This is with reference to your memorable response- may be 9 years ago in UK when we did the 20th Anniversary event amidst nature.

When I asked you the question- how are you able to sustain the work and motivate yourself for so long – you showed us a slide with spoiled youth, addicted to bad habits etc. on the left and helpless old people and other needy on the right… and when you saw that in your youth – you wanted to connect both to fix both the issues – by motivating the LHS to help/serve RHS – and thats the thought / fire in the middle – which is Manavata… I will never forgot that moment.

Srinivas Alluri

Happy Manavata Day… thank you all.. hearty congratulations to all volunteers.. May God bless you.


Thank you Srini garu, Manavata volunteers for the inspiration always wish you all Happy Manavata Day


Happy birthday and happy Manavata day Srini sir.


Happy birthday Srini. wish you all Happy Manavata day.


Happy manavata day sir.
Happy birthday to you sir. preying god to give all blessings to fulfill the cause of Manavata.

Babji S Vundavalli

Happy Manavata day and Happy Birthday Day! Best wishes

Hemanth Uk

Happy birthday and Manavata Day.


Dear Srini, hearty congratulations on Manavata day, and pray the Almighty to bestow energies to succeed in all your selfless endeavors for a long long period. Deerghaayushmaan bhava.

Vamsi Uk

Happy Happy Manavata Day…


Wishing everyone a very Happy Manavata day and many happy returns of the day Sir.

Prasad V

Namaste Srinivas garu,
Happy Manavata day and birthday wishes too.
Let lord shower all the blessings to you and 3H mission and let you continue to inspire many more and more towards path of truth and a lead a purposeful life.

Anand Abbai

Happy Birthday Sir and Happy Manavata Day!!
You remain a true inspiration for many of us. Hats off to your selfless service for 29 years long and I pray god to give strengths to you.

Ramalingeswa Rao

Happy Manavata day all
Happy birthday sir ! Wish and pray that God give you all the health and energy to take the mission forward.
Keep inspiring sir!

Dr Veeru

Happy manavata day sir.
Happy birthday day to you sir. Preying God to give all blessings to fulfill the cause of Manavata.

Sreedhar Doctor

Thank you Srini garu. Manavata volunteers for the inspiration always wish you All Happy Manavata Day.

Prof. Sakuntala Rani

Wish u many many many more happy birthdays with good health peace prosperity and happiness Sreeni garu.
Stay blessed always by the Divine grace.


🙏🏻Srini అల్లూరి sir గారి ప్రోత్సాహము, ప్రతిరూపమే మాకు వచ్చిన ఈ YIC సర్టిఫికెట్. సూక్ష్మ వ్యాయామాలు. సూర్యనమస్కారాలు. ఆసన ప్రాణాయామలు. షట్ క్రియలు మెడిటేషన్. థియరీ సైతం చక్కగా నేర్పించారు. అలాగే ప్రసాద్ గారు తనదయిన ప్రత్యేక శైలిలో చెప్పిన ఆసనం టెక్నిక్స్ cyclic మెడిటేషన్ మా ప్రాక్టీస్ ki ప్రత్యేకతను చేకూర్చాయి. శివగారి స్ట్రెచెస్ బాగున్నాయి. తులసిగారి కోఆర్డినేషన్ నొప్పించక తానొవ్వక అన్నట్లు వ్యహరించే స్వభావం, అందర్నీ సమన్వయ పరిచే తీరు ఒక విశేషం. నాతో పాటు ఈ yic కోర్స్ చేసిన తోటి వారందరికి అభినందనలు. అందరి మానవతల కలబోతే ఈ విశ్వామానవత సంస్థ. మానవతకు నా శిరస్సువంచి పాదాభివందనం. 🙏