Tree Plantation Drives

Manavata’s Green Belt Movement (GBM) organizes tree plantation drives globally. Volunteers collect seeds,plant them in nurseries and distribute the saplings in local communities. Manavata has planted more than 50, 000 saplings in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat areas in India and abroad as well and is planning to plant 1, 00, 000 plants this year.

Natural Farming Workshops

Established projects, practicing natural organic farming, training farmers.we have reached over 20000 farmers to inspire them, trained over 600 farmers,80 farmers successfully adopted our traditional natural organic methods.

Environment Awareness Campaigns

Manavata organizes seminars, workshops and campaigns to encourage people to preserve nature,save energy, promote simple living and implement the reduce, reuse and recycle concept.

Sustainable Development Program

Manavata adopts villages and promotes education, health and environment, develops leadership and governance, promotes sustainable agriculture techniques, creates economic equilibrium,helps people earn livelihoods and serves people who are poor and needy. Manavata has so far adopted 10 villages under SRDP and plans to adopt 500 villages in the next 3 years.

Cycling For Humanity

Manavata’s global initiative, ‘Cycling for Humanity’, creates an awareness across the world of the need for the 3H lifestyle.Manavata promotes cycling– the cleanest and healthiest form of transport – to drive home this message. Through ‘Cycling for Humanity’, Manavata reaches out to people and promotes healthy living and a clean, pollution free environment.

Be Eco-Friendly & Save Our Mother Earth

About 90 per cent of the waste generated by households is currently being disposed of in landfill sites or incinerators.Yet, if we all take a few simple actions, we could reduce this amount considerably and really make a difference.Recycling saves natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces emissions of air and water pollutants.

How can you do your bit to help save our planet?