Manavata, in the capacity of a social, cultural and philosophical institution has been tirelessly working with the primary mission of creating a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious world! Such a goal also embeds within a vision for Sustainable Development by promoting the quintessential tenets of humanity in the society and by propagating proven methods in the areas of Education, Health and Environment.

Volunteering Opportunities:




Project Management


Internship /Students: (3 to 6 months)

  • Students can choose their area of interest to do internship
  • Minimum period needs to be agreed with Manavata Mgt team based on selected projects


Basic travel and accommodation will be provided on a need basis

Pay / Compensation:

If volunteers would like to take this as a career, packages will be agreed based on role / skill etc.

Qualifications and pre-conditions:

  • An altruistic motive – A burning desire to actively engage in self-less service and shunning undue expectations whether monetary or name.
  • Must possess the necessary level of skills/qualifications for the selected role, in addition to having the requisite experience
  • Capacity to undertake responsibility and execute deliverables on time without compromising quality example with high efficiency and proficiency
  • An ability to effectively collaborate with fellow volunteers and display characteristics of empathy and understanding
  • Diligently and uncompromisingly adhere to the norms, rules, principles and disciplines set down under the Manavata Guidelines