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Yoga is the best way to stay healthy and build your immunity. Manavata specialises in teaching Classical Yoga. We have coached over 120,000 students across the world; Trained over 200+ Yoga Teachers; Provided over 350+ Yoga Therapies for diffently-abled children. Our Family Yoga Program has covered over 3000 familes.

Manavata courses are designed for different age groups and organized in multiple locations apart from online sessions. Courses are mainly categorized as: Yoga for Health, Yoga & Spirituality, Organic Framing/ Kitchen, Personality development & Yoga Therapy for cure. Manavata free yoga sessions by its volunteers who are well trained teacher & practitioners are being run in different locations. You may contact us by email if you would like to have sessions for their organisation, community and society.

Live: Special Session on Yoga For Immunity | 6 Pm

Speakers: Smt Padmaja & Sri Srinivasa Alluri

Topic: Yoga Vasistha – 9

Date: 24th September 6:00 Pm – 7:30 Pm 2020

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