Manavata offers its Helpline (09966673480) for the service of the Telengana Police Department. We recognize the diligent efforts of the Police Department to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus and keep us safe.

The Helpline is for Tele-Medical & Health consulting services extended to the TS Police and their families.

Manavata Helpline Coverage : TS

  • Patients Treated-473
  • Livesaving/Critical Cases-27
  • Counselling Cases-348

Highly-skilled Doctors, Caring Counsellors and service-oriented Volunteers are constantly available on the Helpline. We are grateful for their contribution in saving lives in these dire times.

Manavata has also donated 20000 Immunity/Medicine Kits that gives information on Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga therapy. Manavata also handed over 20000 Homeopathy units (Arsenic Album 30) for the department and all their family members.

With the help of the Police Department, Volunteers from Manvata are able to provide food for army personnel, migrant worker and the poor across the city.

IG Swathi Lakra garu, also praised the NGOs of Hyderabad for their timely support to government during the crisis with medicines and essentials. She specially thanked Manavata volunteers for the continued support on NH44 for supplying food.

Manavata Contributes

Our Contribution to the Telangana Police Department

The Immunity Kits and Precaution handouts distributed to the Police Department

Immunity Kits

Over 20 Thousand Homeo treatment donated to the Police Department.

Homeo Distribution

Providing Food Relief to the Army Personel and Police manning the roads.

Relief for Forces

The Manavata Helpline is open to every fmaily member of the Police Department.


Success Stories

Timely Holistic care recovered Constable Srinivas from Nagarkarnool

He got severe temperature, skin allergy, itchy skin, whole body bleeding with rashes, blood comes out of the wounds. His wife called Manavata medical helpline. Dr. Suryaprakash consulted the patient, requested the photos of the skin and suggested diet and precautions. Founder Mr. Srinivas had a video call on whatsapp and suggested to keep the clean environment at home, apply neem & turmeric paste to whole body and take bath with neem water, suggested body cooling diet like coconut water, barley and fresh fruit juice, tippa teega kashayam. they followed this method strictly, got betterment within 2 days. Manavata also escalated to TS police, local SP team acted quickly to take get some local treatment too. Daily Manavata volunteers followed up this case, 90% is recovered. Wife called back and appreciated the help at the right time.

A 39 Year-Old Techie builds up his Mental Health

A 39 year-old Techie began to panic about the Covid-virus. He was mentally disturbed and abused everyone at home . He accused his family members of attempts to killing him. His terrified Sister called the Manavata helpline.

Manavata counselled him about changing the home environment. Suggestion to keep the home airy and provide lot of ventilation, to use white soothing curtains and make improvement to his food. After several phone sessions,his behavior has calmed down.

The patient feels better and is mentally stable. He has accepted the situation, and thanked Manavata for the critical counselling we provided at the right time.

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