3H Inspiration Workshop In CR Reddy Collage

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3H Inspiration workshop in CR Reddy collage of Women by Sri Srinivasa Alluri! (31st Jan 2020) Woman is Shakti.. power of this world! Empowering women with good health, good attitude and great character is only way to make this world better and sustainable! currently over 60% of women are suffering with anemia and many are suffering with Harmon imbalance, nutritional deficiencies like iron, calcium, D-vitamin, stress etc. This is dangerous indication of collapse of humanity, you can imagine how next generation will be with much more weakness and unhealthy. This all happening due to wrong food habits and un-healthy life styles of girls. So it is our highest priority and duty to make them healthy, educate our women about health. Manavata Humanity Samskara Vidya program inspiring girls to become strong, healthy, happy and Harmonious. Srini has inspired them with the techniques of Yoga, and knowledge of healthy food to make themselves fit and do best in life.