Ashram Inauguration and Teachers Day

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Here is a brief update from UFH site from our 5th Sep.

With all your great support, Manavata Ashram Inauguration program at UFH went on well with presence of wonderful humanitarians like Dr. Uma devi (Scientist) from agriculture university in Hyderabad and representation from RK math, some of the prominent humanitarians from Mahaboobnagar and Manavata volunteers have attended this event.
Young selfless volunteer Raj Mallesh (RK sevasamithi, Mahaboobnagar) who has been serving society with dedication felicitated by Manavata UFH team on this occasion. 
We have started meeting with prayer and meditation, then Mahadev has given introduction about Manavata, Jyothi prajwalana with our chief guests and then inauguration of different rooms within in Ashram, prayer room, study room, rooms for boys & girls, office and library.  Volunteers Prakash, Mahadev, Krishna, Suryaprakash, Naresh, Tulasi, Ravi, Bindu and others worked well to make this even successful. Our local yoga students also played good role. Krishna has managed to invite more than 10 schools personally, teachers from those government schools presented.
 Children: Our children did gurupuja for them and felicitated with great wonderful books.  Teachers blessed them. Afterwards ashram children performed some cultural events and Yoga demo which has taken special attention from guests. 
Medicinal Plants: Sri D. Subbaraju garu made arrangements for medicinal plants demo with available plants here.. still lot of work to be done to make it complete learning centre for medicinal plants. 
Healthy Lunch: Volunteers working together and prepared healthy food for 200 people. We have inaugurated new building for classroom and library also along with Ashram. This has also created health awareness in all attendees.   
Teachers Training: 1pm to 4pm we had a wonderful teachers training interactive workshop.
First teachers training program also went on well. Attend teachers are very much impressed and interested to participate in this on weekly basis. They are happy to invite other government school teachers also by next week. All teachers have promised me that they will try to become example, first to start with plantation and practice of duty mindedness.
Thanks once again for all your great support. please keep up the good work. We have so many challenges to sort out UFH program, which needs all your personal involvement and team work. Looking forward to work with you and see you soon at UFH campus.

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