Chaitanya Yatra (cycling to Srisailam)

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Cycling For Humanity By Srinivasa Alluri & Team

Kothakota to Srisailam Cycle Yatra 15 th to 17 th 2021

Day wise schedule is as follows:
13th and 14th March: Health & Medical camps( 8 AM to 5 PM ):
Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga treatments in Natavalli, Pamapuram, Tomalapalli, Mirasapalli.
15th March: Cycling and Seva camps:
5AM : Prayer and meditation at Manavata UFH Ashram
6AM :Cycling to Kothakota, 7am Yoga camp in ZP High school grounds by Sri
8AM : Healthy food awareness & Breakfast , 8:30am  Cycling inauguration
9AM :Health camp in Rajpeta
11:30AM :Personality Development session in Wanaparthy college
3:30PM :ZP school session and Cycling camp inauguration
4:30PM :Gopalpeta school session
8PM :Reached Nagarkurnool halt

16th March: Medical camps and PDP sessions: Achampet, Omkaram, Mannanur,Vatavarlapally

17th March: Camps in Vattivaripalli, Domalapenta, Sunnypenta, cycling and forest walk
Reached Srisailam / Paladharapanchadhara at 7pm, took bath at water fall, great
natural energy gained with this water. Sakshi Ganapathi darshan at 8pm, 9pm: Srisalam
temple darshan.
18 th March: 5am clean shave and Temple Darshan and meditation. Medical camp and
school session in tribal welfare school in Sunnypenta. 4pm yoga /samskara vidya
session in Orphanage in Wanaparty. Returned to ashram at 5pm.

Free Homoeopathy Medical Camp Vendra village of Pedapudi Mandal.

Free Homoeopathy Medical Camp Vishwamanavatha Sanstha at Achanta vari Ramalayam...